Amazon Will Pay You Rs 140/Hr To Deliver Packages In Spare Time – These Are The Indian Cities Where You Can Opt In

Amazon Flex: Earn Rs 140 / hour by delivering packages
Amazon Flex: Earn Rs 140 / hour by delivering packages

E-commerce giant, Amazon is launching “Amazon Flex”, an all-new delivery program that will allow you to earn a few bucks in your spare time.

With this initiative, it plans to make it’s delivery network stronger and is willing to pay anyone in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore Rs 120-140 per hour to deliver packages in their chosen area and time slot.

Amazon Flex, killing Two Birds With One Stone

The Amazon Flex Program is targeted at Housewives, college students, security guards, and retired professionals who have spare time by creating opportunities for tens of thousands of individuals to further their earning potential which will also enable Amazon to continue growing their capacity to serve more customers and speed up their delivery process.

Earning Money With Amazon Flex

Once you sign up for the Amazon Flex delivery program, you can register to be a part-time delivery partner and choose your own area and time to deliver the packages in your locality. The person needs to works for four hours a day and will earn Rs120 – 140 an hour a day.

They can pick the orders from the delivery stations and at the end of the day return with the undelivered orders and cash from COD purchases.

The payment will be done every Wednesday via bank transfer, so it is mandatory to have a PAN number and you will also be provided with a insurance cover up to 5 Lakhs.

To be a part-time executive, Users are required to have an Android phone with the Amazon Flex app. Enrolled delivery personnel will have to take the in-app video classes that show how the system exactly works. Along with that, they will also have to attend classroom training when they come down to the Amazon office for document verification. An external agency takes care of the background verification.

India Is The Seventh Country To Launch Amazon Flex

The program which was under pilot testing for over the last two weeks is officially launched today across Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai, with a plan to expand to more cities later this year. This program is also operational in Amazon’s six other markets in North America, Spain, Japan, Germany,  Singapore, and the UK.

Even though  Amazon was launched in India six years ago, the delivery program was introduced only due to the the specific requirements from the Indian market.

Such as in India, a delivery is marked complete when the customer receives the package rather than being left at the doorstep as is the case in the western market and in retails, particularly during peak season the numbers of delivers become quite high which can stress the current network of e-tailors.

Amazon wants to minimize the competition such as malls and shops by trying to fasten the delivery process in order to reduce the desire of customers to check out alternatives. Since 2013, Amazon has invested around $5 billion in India mostly on infrastructure, technology, and innovation.

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