10 Lakh Autorickshaw Drivers Will Stop Working If Ola, Uber Are Not Banned In Maharashtra

Auto strike in Maharashtra if Ola/Uber are not banned?
Auto strike in Maharashtra if Ola/Uber are not banned?

In a stern warning issued, 1 million autorickshaw drivers across Maharashtra have threatened to go on strike, if their demands are not met.

Prominent among their demands is a complete ban of Uber and Ola across Maharashtra.

Autorickshaw Unions: Ban Ola and Uber

Various unions of autorickshaw drivers across the state of Maharashtra have come together and demanded that Ola and Uber should be banned.

The representatives of the Unions had a meeting in Mumbai, where it was decided that 2 lakh auto drivers from Mumbai will join this state-wide agitation.

Mumbai Automen’s Union leader Shashank Sharad Rao, “More than 10 lakh auto drivers across Maharashtra, including two lakh in Mumbai alone, will go on indefinite strike from July 9 if our demands are not met,”

Mumbai is one of the three biggest cities where both Ola and Uber have a presence, and if Govt. meets the demands of the auto-rickshaw unions, then it will spell doom.

The Demands Of Automen

Besides banning and shutting down Ola and Uber, the autorickshaw drivers have also demanded an increase in auto-fares. Since last three years, there has been no official increase in the per kilometer charge of autorickshaw rides.

The Union has demanded that the new auto fare should be Rs 22/km, which is Rs 4 more than the current rates of Rs 18/km.

As per the representatives of the Union, this increased fare will be utilized for the creation of a special fund, which will be used for providing Provident Funds, Gratuity, Pension and Medical assistance to the auto drivers, across the state.

There are approximately 8 lakh auto drivers across Maharashtra, and 2 lakh in Mumbai alone.

If the demands are not met, then the automen associations will go on indefinite strike from July 9th onwards.

The Unions will submit the proposal to Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnaivs and transport minister Diwakar Raote, soon.

Our Opinion: In this age of digital economy, and globalization, such demands by auto drivers is not only absurd and uncalled for, but also unfair.

India is a free market, and there should be no encouragement from the Govt. to allow Unions to demands such steps.

However, when it comes to the welfare of the auto-drivers, then definitely Govt. should take some steps, and make sure that every driver is able to get his dues.

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