The Truth Of Viral #JCBKiKhudayi Memes: Why Do Indians Love JCB Machines Digging Soil?

JCB Memes Going Viral

After making a plethora of memes on Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi, the 2019 elections, meme-makers were left with a limited choice of content.

And this resulted in the nation waking up to a massive load of memes flooding the internet and on a completely unexpected subject, JCB! All of a sudden, Facebook and Twitter users were bombarded with the memes about a mechanical machine used as a mechanical digger and excavator.

These memes are complete, with a hashtag and funny stories! #JCBKiKhudayi is one of the trending hashtags on social media.

What is the logic behind the meme going so viral? Why is it scaling the charts to become the top trending meme of 2019? We have tried to solve the knots and go beyond what meets the eye.

Why Do Indians Find These Memes Funny?

Memes are meant to generate laughter, but we are wondering why are memes on a completely random topic going viral at such a strong rate?

The reason might be that we Indians relate so much to all the memes on JCB. Growing up, we have always seen a huge crowd gathered around a construction site that has a JCB digging up the earth. JCBs were, and have been machines that seemed a novel invention, and that made it interesting to watch. So much so that we could stare at a JCB at work for hours, forgetting all our work and play too!

All these memes send us back to that young age, and trigger a sense of nostalgia, which makes the meme hit popularity.

While there is no reason to gather around a JCB working, it is seldom that a JCB is working without a public circled around it, and this is the exact USP of the memes. Meme-makers have gone so far as to point out that the reason behind India’s unemployment is #JCBKiKhudayi. While this seems like a downside of India to point out, memes have managed to make it funny.

JCB’s Response

The company has taken note of the memes on JCB going viral in India and has responded to them too. This is definitely positive publicity for the company and they are ‘humbled’ by the good press they have garnered.

JCB has tweeted, “We are truly humbled by all the love shown for our brand with #JCBKiKhudai. Thank you to our customers and fans across India for your enthusiasm and support! With JCB, you can #ExpectMore. #JCBKiKhudayi,”

#JCBKiKhudayi – Origin and Top Memes

The origin of the memes is nowhere to be found, and there are plenty of factors that seemed to have set the ball in motion, but no specific reason has been pointed. Some talk about a groom coming to his own wedding in a JCB, while some point to Sunny Leone kickstarting the memes.

The YouTube videos of JCB digging up earth have more than 5 million views on the internet, and some say this is the main reason the memes started coming up.

Why do you think the JCB memes have become so viral so fast? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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