Huawei’s Mobile OS Can Be Named ‘Ark OS’; But Can It Really Replace Android OS?

Is Huawei's OS called Ark OS?
Is Huawei’s OS called Ark OS?

We all knew that Huawei is developing their own OS, and we knew this fact since 2016.

But no one knew if Huawei will really roll out this new OS or not, and what will be its name. However now, as Huawei is facing a permanent ban from using Android and as US has already banned Huawei, we are sure that the new OS will be launched sooner than expected.

As per fresh information coming in, Huawei has decided to name their new OS as Ark OS.

But the big question still remains: Will Ark OS be able to replace Android OS?

Huawei’s OS Will Be Called Ark OS

On May 24th, Huawei filed trademarks for the names of their new OS with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).

These names are: HUAWEI ARK OS, HUAWEI ARK, ARK, and ARK OS.

This OS was earlier called as Hongmeng.

Now, this is not official that Huawei will use Ark OS as the name or not, but since they are keen to roll out their new OS in the absence of Android, it is highly probable that Ark OS would be the actual name of their OS.

Here is the screenshot of the trademark filing:


But the naming can be changed in the last moment as well.

Can Ark OS Replace Android?

This is the million dollar question right now, and Huawei is sincerely hoping that their new OS (maybe Ark OS) is able to replace Android OS, which is the world’s most popular mobile OS, with 75% market share.

If Huawei’s own mobile OS is not able to come into picture, and if Google doesn’t allow Android Os to be used by Huawei smartphones after the grace period of 90 days ends (August 20), then every Huawei smartphone will be left without an OS, thereby signaling the end of Huawei smartphones as we know it.

Although the existing version of Android OS would be still in use, but the users won’t be able to get any new updates, and wont be able to access any apps from Google Playstore.

However, if Ark OS is able to replicate what Android offers, and is able to provide a similar mobile experience, then things can change for Huawei.

Huawei is also in talks with Aptoide for a possible partnership. Aptoide is an alternate marketplace for Android apps, which runs on Android OS, and have 100 million users, who are using their 900,000+ apps.

Huawei has also asked app developers to submit their apps to their own app store called App Gallery, but these are feeble arrangements to replace the might and usability of Android.

In the past, several creators and companies attempted to replace Android or atleast provide an alternative to it, but failed.

Examples being Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Sailfish OS, Ubuntu for smartphones and Firefox OS.

Will Ark OS also fall into this category?

We will keep you updated, as we receive more updates.


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