PM Modi Wins – Becomes The Only PM After Nehru, Indira To Return To Power Will Full Majority

Modi 2.0 Is Here!
Modi 2.0 Is Here!

In a landslide victory for ruling party BJP, PM Modi has won the General Elections 2019 by a massive margin. He will now return to power and become India’s PM for the next 5 years.

This is an unprecedented win for PM Modi and BJP party, as he has become the only PM after Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi to return to power with full majority.

Besides, these, several new political records were broken, as BJP and its allies swept through the election results, and literally demolished the opposition parties.

Congress Party, the 133- year old veteran of Indian politics has been once again defeated comprehensively.

PM Modi: World’s Most Powerful, Democratically Elected Leader!

As per the latest count of winners and losers as shared by the Election Commission, ruling party BJP has won 291 seats, while they are leading in 12, meanwhile, Congress has managed to win just 51 seats.

271 seats are required to form a Govt., and it is clearly evident that BJP can form its own Govt., without any external support.

Mahindra Group head Anand Mahindra tweeted that the way election results are coming up, it is clear that PM Modi is now world’s most powerful, democratically elected leader.

He tweeted:

PM Modi’s Landslide Victory: Records Broken

As BJP returns to power with a landslide win, several political records were shattered, as India witnessed a new political future.

After India’s 1st PM Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, PM Modi has become the only PM to return to power with a full majority.

This makes BJP and PM Modi as the only non-Congress entities to return to power, back to back in India.

Since 1984, this is the biggest mandate which any political party has received in India, as BJP-led NDA can cross 340 seats mark, thereby scripting a new sensational record.

Besides, the vote share of BJP in the states it has won has breached several records. They have received more than 50% vote share in most of the states, thereby setting a new benchmark.

China, Russia, Israel, US First To Congratulate

As the results started pouring in, Presidents of Russia, China, Israel and US were the first to congratulate PM Modi on returning to power.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first among P-5 leaders to congratulate PM Modi, whereas Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed hope that PM Modi’s new term will take the friendship between two nations to a new high.

US President Trump, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe also shared their congratulations.

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