Tata Sky Becomes Cheaper: Set-Top Box Now Costs Rs 400 Less; Availability Across Retail Stores Now

In order to entice new TV watchers, and to attract users of other DTH/Cable firms into their network, Tata Sky has decided to make set-top box cheaper.

Prices of both SD and HD set-top boxes have been slashed upto Rs 400.

Meanwhile, Tata Sky has also made the availability of set-top box across retail stores and 3rd party stores.

Tata Sky Set-Top Box Becomes Cheaper

Set-top box of Tata Sky was earlier charged at Rs 2000 for SD connection and Rs 2200 for HD connection.

Now, after the price reduction, SD set-top box now costs Rs 1800, that is a reduction of Rs 200, and the HD set-top box now costs Rs 1800, which is a reduction of Rs 400.

Clearly, Tata Sky wants to push HD connection more, compared to SD connection, as the discount on HD is more.

Why Make Sky Made These Heavy Discounts

Ever since the new cable TV regime came into force, the overall expenses for watching TV channels have increased.

Earlier, TRAI used to deny this fact, but now, even they have accepted the fact that the overall monthly expenses have increased.

This is the reason that TRAI will now issue consultation paper and seek industry views on how the overall expenses can be decreased.

This can be one of the reasons why Tata Sky has announced the price reduction of set-top boxes.

Distribution Of Set-Top Box Made More Flexible

Earlier, Tata Sky allowed the distribution of set-top boxes only via the company directly, and their associates brought in the set-top boxes during the connection activation.

However now, as per the new updates, Tata Sky has now allowed the sale of set-top boxes via retailers and distributors and even 3rd party outlets.

This is a major change in the distribution policy of Tata Sky set-top boxes, and also reveals how DTH industry is now moving forward.

Switch Set-Top Box Like SIM?

TRAI is very keen to enforce portability of set-top boxes in India, which means that soon, users will be able to switch their set-top boxes like they switch SIM cards.

A common technology is being developed, which will allow the users to have the same set-top box, and only change the chip while changing their operator.

A framework too has been developed for defining the rules of set-top box portability.

This can be another reason why Tata Sky made the price of set-top boxes cheaper and made its access easier as well.

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