Indians Don’t Want To Marry, They Want To Date; Beauty Tip Searches Surge (Google Report)


From a recipe or to a science exam difficulty, whatever be the query, we all end up googling it. We rely heavily on Google Search for anything and everything, be it a football match we missed or information and reviews of a car we are planning to buy.

Data packs are cheaper and smartphones are more affordable, which means that the internet and a smartphone can be found in every hand. The number of people searching the web for answers is growing day by day and Google has put together a report that talks about the details of the Google search in India.

Year in Search: Insights for Brands

Google has published a report, ‘Year in Search: Insights for Brands’ which shows the trends and patterns of Google searches and the overall use of internet in India.

The Google India Country Director Vikas Agnihotri, says in his report, “The online space in India has never been more vibrant. India has become the fastest internet consuming country in the world and the internet has now become the bridge to Bharat’s aspirations.”

Apparently, there are 40 million new users of the internet every month and that there are about 400 million Indians online now.

As per this report, the top 5 trends are:

  1. Bharat is going online (Non-metro)
  2. Video: An Unprecedented growth story
  3. Indic Languages and Voice
  4. Omnichannel
  5. Assisting Businesses

Around ten segments have been studied in this report:

  • Auto
  • Banking and Finance
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • E-Commerce
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Local and Classifieds
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Telecom and Payments
  • Technology
  • Travel

Search For Dating and Beauty Tips Surge

The report says that 90% of people are relying on Google search to research before purchasing a car and even deciding which dealer to buy it from. People also search about marriage and dating, and the total number of searches related to matrimony is more than that of dating. However, the searches related to dating is ‘catching up’ to the searches on matrimony.

The audience for online videos is projected to about 500 million by 2020, and about one third of all the searches of videos are related to entertainment.

On Youtube, the top search is for beauty tips, such as hair and skin care, makeup, etc. people have also been searching for ayurvedic health remedies and ingredients.

For the whole report, go here!

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