TikTok Downloads Surge: Is TikTok Paying Users to Download the App?

TikTok has managed to kick off an enormous amount of controversy in the past two months or so, but, there is no sign that the app has had enough. After being in multiple controversies, banned and resurrected, the most entertaining app of 2018 has now initiated a new strategy for marketing and promoting itself – paying users to download and use the app.

Read on to know all about TikTok’s tactics to get more users inspite of gaining an extremely wide reach throughout the nation?

TikTok – Banned and Resurrected Too!

TikTok, an app for making and sharing short videos, has probably gained more bad press than any other app ever has. In a horrible incident caused due to TikTok, a young man, only 28 years of age lost his life, which paved the way to the initiation of a ban on the app in Tamil Nadu.

On April 4, Madras High Court imposed a blanket ban on the app, citing the reason behind this was a negative influence on youngsters of India. However, the app did not mention anything about the existing users of the app, which added to the confusion and led to people wondering if the ban was logical or not.

Putting an end to this, the High Court announced that the ban on TikTok may end on April 24, and just 20 days later after being banned, TikTok was made legal and free to download again!

TikTok soon became the 15th most downloaded app on the store and ranked 4th among the category of ‘social’ apps on Google Play Store.

The freshly available TikTok does come with added security features, following the orders and precautionary measures issued by the High Court.

#ReturnOfTikTok: The Offer

If you are wondering how TikTok managed to scale such heights in such a short time, here is the answer – Paid promotions, of course!

TikTok is the brainchild of Bytedance, a Chinese company, and this company is offering users monetary awards to download and use the infamous app. Apparently, Bytedance is giving away a prize of Rs. 1 lakh cash to people who download the app. This offer is valid every day, from May 1 to May 16, 2019.

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Bytedance is probably trying to make up its lost revenues for the time during which TikTok was banned. The company lost as much as $500,000 (Rs 3.48 crore) each day that it had been banned.

Is this offer good enough to make you download the notorious app? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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