Customers Are Catching Restaurants Cheating GST By This App; 5797 Delivery Boys Caught Breaking Traffic Rules

The Goods and Services Tax has been levied by the Government and businesses who have opted for the composition scheme, cannot charge customers with GST. However, thanks to a phone app, some restaurants have been caught for charging customers with GST and not depositing the tax to the government.

This is absolutely unfair and wrong on so many levels, but authorities have assured to investigate the matter against these restaurants.

Tax Evasion by Small Restaurants

Tax evaders have always found out new ways to avoid paying taxes and this is probably the shadiest of them all. As per GST rules, businesses who have opted for composition schemes are not allowed to charge GST from customers.

Apparently, there are some restaurants which obtain additional money from the customers under the label of GST. This tax, in turn, is supposed to be paid to the government by the restaurants, which they fail to do.

An app called Iris Peridot enables people to run a GST Identification Number (GSTIN) of a business and check if that particular business is filing for returns or not. Some customers ran the GSTIN of restaurants through this app and brought it to the notice of the officials about the institutions who have been cheating the GST.

As per reports, the Income Tax department is trying to find out a way to determine the extent to which tax has been evaded. The cases of these restaurants will probably be transferred to field offices for further action.

Delivery Boys in Trouble For Neglect of Traffic Rules

Delivery boys of online food platform have been in controversy before, however, that doesn’t seem to have affected their conduct at all. Mumbai Traffic Police have found as many as 5797 delivery executives of various different companies guilty of violating various different kinds of traffic rules.

Food delivery executives are in a constant rush to deliver the food to those who order online, and in that haste, they often break a thousand rules of traffic. a traffic signal police said, “In their attempt to serve hot food and in a stipulated time, they drive fast, breaking rules in the process.”

The citizens of Mumbai have also been disturbed about the delivery boys’ rash driving and neglect of traffic norms.

These delivery executives have been found traveling without helmets, driving on footpaths, parking their vehicles in no parking areas, disobeying the traffic signal rules, and rash driving. As if this was less, delivery boys have also been booked for driving their vehicles under the influence of alcohol as well.

As per Amitesh Kumar, joint commissioner of Mumbai traffic police, of the 5797 boys booked, 2,315 work for Swiggy, 1,770 for Zomato, 946 forDomino’s Pizza and 766 work for Uber Eats.

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