Tata Sky Removes Lock-in Period For All Channels/Packs – Now Change Channels Everyday!?

No Lockin for Tata Sky users anymore
No Lockin for Tata Sky users anymore

Two very interesting news for cable TV and DTH users are coming in, which suggests that the latest trend is to woo consumers, anyhow, somehow.

Tata Sky, India’s 2nd largest DTH operator has now removed all lock-in conditions for all channels, and packs (except few).

Meanwhile Hathway is now offering free Android TV based Playbox to users, if they do this one thing.

Keep reading to find out more details!

Tata Sky: No Lock-In For Any Channels, Bouquets

Tata Sky has decided to remove all lock-ins conditions for all channels and packs, effective immediately.

This means that now, Tata Sky users can subscribe and unsubscribe any channel, whenever they want, without any lock-in period. Theoretically, subscribers can now select and unselect channels daily, without paying anything extra.

This lock-in policy was implemented after the execution of the new Cable TV policy by TRAI.

Only Tata Sky Bollywood now has a lock-in period of 30 days, and for channels related to Family Health, Fitness, and Beauty, there will be a lock-in period of atleast one day.

A few days back, Dish TV had removed the lock-in condition for their customers, and now Tata Sky has done it.

This clearly means that DTH and Cable companies are settling in, and have realized that bounding and stopping a consumer won’t work now.

By removing the lock-in period, they have shown more trust in the consumers and allowing them with more freedom to choose.

Now, the question is: Will this removal of lock-in condition become the new standard of Cable and DTH industry?

The Logic Of Lock-in Period

The concept of the Lock-in period for pay channels and bouquets with pay channels was introduced by literally every DTH and Cable operator, to bound their customers with a fixed set of channels.

They had assumed that if such lock-in period is introduced, then the consumer will be bound to watch those channels, and will not leave their network.

Wrong assumption, because now, the consumer is more empowered than ever, and with TRAI pushing for interoperability among DTH and Cable companies, this logic completely fails.

Just like changing SIMs, users can now change their DTH and Cable services provider, which means more freedom and more choices.

This can be one of the reasons why Tata Sky and Dish TV decided to abolish the lock-in period.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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