Specs Of Redmi Flagship With SD 855 Chip Almost Revealed: 8GB RAM; 48 MP Camera

The suspense around Redmi’s new flagship smartphone with Snapdragon 855 processor is increasing with each passing day. After a series of leaks which happened in the last 30 days, fresh leaks have emerged, regarding the specifications.

As per some analysts, this new flagship can be Poco F2 or Redmi Pro 2.

But, what specs have been revealed?

Redmi Flagship With SD 855 Chip: New Leaks

A Weibo user has revealed some fresh info about the mysterious Redmi flagship smartphone, which is rumored to be having Snapdragon 855 processor.

As per the latest leak, this mysterious smartphone will have 8 GB of internal memory and will have a tripple camera. 48 MP camera will be the main shooter.

Here is the screenshot of the leak, which has appeared in Weibo:


Some of the information which is quite evident here:

Screen size: 6.39 inches

Selfie Camera: 32 MP


External Memory: 128 GB

Besides, it also appears that the sensor used in here is the same that was used for  Redmi Note 7 or Redmi Note 7 Pro. However, as per GSMArena, this mysterious Redmi flagship smartphone will have a 8 MP secondary shooter which can be a telephoto lens, and a 13 MP camera, which will have a wide-angle aperture.

Take this as a speculation, as nothing has been confirmed by the company, as it can happen that no smartphone is actually launched.

Redmi’s Snapdragon 855 Smartphone: What Else We Know?

As we reported earlier, not one but two Redmi flagships powered with Snapdragon 855 can be launched in coming days. These have been named as “raphael” and “davinci”, and they are being tested for pop-up selfie camera hardware.

Some analysts are stating that this can be Poco F2 and can be Redmi Pro 2 as well.

Some images were also accidentally leaked by the some Xiaomi officials, which confirm pop-up selfie camera, and 3.5 mm audio jack.

Hence, in case any such smartphone powered with SD 855 is coming up, it will have full-screen with no bezel and notch-less display.

Redmi fans are keenly awaiting any confirmation of this news.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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