10 People Lose Rs 12 Lakh From This East Delhi ATM; Techie Finds Rs 24 Lakh Robbed While He Was Sleeping!

Two very interesting cyber and digital crimes have been reported in the last 48 hours, which once again puts the onus on creating awareness about such frauds.

In one case, 10 people lost Rs 12 lakh from their bank accounts, immediately after they used their debit cards to withdraw cash from ATMs located in one particular area in New Delhi.

In another case, a Pune techie woke up to find Rs 24 lakh missing from his bank account. The case is still unsolved.

Rs 12 Lakh Siphoned Off From ATMs in Delhi

Laxmi Nagar a busy commercial area in East of Delhi, housing several ATMs all across. Few days back, 10 people used their debit cards to withdraw cash from a bunch of ATMs located in the area. Most of the ATMs were of Punjab National Bank.

Within minutes of their cash withdrawal, they found their money being withdrawn from other ATMs located in different parts of the city.

Total of 10 people lost Rs 12 lakh via this scam.

Police found that the ATMs of these victims were actually skimmed when they used them, and via CCTV camera, the passwords which they entered was stolen as well.

Police are baffled with the pace with which this scam happened: Money was withdrawn from their bank accounts within minutes, after the cash withdrawal.

Rs 24.98 Lakh Robbed From Techie When He Was Sleeping

In a related case of cybercrime, a Pune based techie found that while he was sleeping, robbers took away Rs 24.98 lakhs from his saving account.

When he woke up in the morning, and checked his email, he found that Rs 24.98 lakh has been transferred to other bank accounts via 11 transactions which happened between 3.19 AM and 4.56 AM.

He immedietely called his bank and blocked his debit cards, but the damage had been done.

A complaint has been filed with Alankar police station, but there is little hope that the money will be recovered. As per the police, there are three possibilities about this case:

  • While the victim used his debit card at any ATM, robbers cloned or skimmed the details, and then used the information to siphon off money from the bank account linked with that card.
  • The techie must have used the debit card to make some online shopping, through which the details were stolen, and money transferred while he was sleeping.
  • The debit card must have been used at any merchant location for online payment. Card details were skimmed and cloned, and then used for the fraud.

We are awaiting more details on this case.

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