Amazon Will Launch 3,236 Satellites to Provide Broadband Internet to Everyone In This World

Amazon will launch 3200+ satellites
Amazon will launch 3200+ satellites

Online shopping and entertainment provided in the form of Amazon Prime, is not the extent of services provided by Amazon.

In order to connect the unconnected, and to ensure that everyone in the world is able to connect with high speed Internet, Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos has decided to launch 3200+ satellites

This exercise has been defined as, “low latency, high-speed broadband connectivity to unserved and underserved communities”.

People, Internet and Amazon

Most of the people who are reading this blog have access to high-speed Internet, and most probably, this has become their habit, just like ours.

But, there still are communities to whom the internet is still not accessible. They are not aware about the advantages and the power of Internet, and they are still living in the stone age, literally.

$160 billion worth Amazon, which is World’s largest ecommerce company, and 2nd largest digital company, has now decided to change this. Jess Bezos, founder of Amazon also owns a space company called, Blue origin, and now they will launch a constellation for providing people with better, low latency and a high-speed broadband connection.

The mission is to make internet accessible to the ones who belong to unserved or underserved communities. Although, it is still unclear as to how many people will it be able to serve.

Details About the Project Kuiper

The detailed plan has not been not discussed until now. Amazon has officially laid out the specific details about its satellites project named, “Project Kuiper.” This project has been launched last month under the International Telecommunications Union, wherein a constellation will be launched that will overcome internet problems like slow-speed, high latency, and inaccessibility to a huge portion of the population.

According to the provided documents, a total of 3,226 satellites will be launched in low-earth orbit, in 3 layers: one with 784 satellites at 367 miles, another with 1296 satellites at 379 miles, and the last one with 1156 satellites at 391 miles.

How and Why Amazon Plans To Do It?

Amazon rules the internet, and profits from the same. So it has taken matters in its own hands and decided to make sure that the internet is available to maximum communities possible, especially the unserved.

It is known from the International Telecommunication Union, that the satellites will wrap the world at 56 degrees south and 56 degrees north, as to provide the internet to maximum humans and are covering as much area as possible.

Not Easy, Neither Happening Overnight

Amazon calls the Project Kuiper a “long term project that will help to access basic internet to whom it is not available, yet”, suggesting that we must not expect it happening anytime soon. But it is happening! And so are the other projects for same cause are being planned. Projects like:

  • OneWeb, which has successfully launched its first 6 satellites.
  • SpaceX and Boeing also run in the race to launch their satellites, soon.

All these are tough competitors to Amazon’s Project Kuiper. Whichever wins this race, we and underserved are sure gonna enjoy high-speed internet.

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