Your Next iPhone Will Be Make in India: Trial For iPhone X Begins, iPhone 7 Production Starts

Apple has been planning to start manufacturing iPhones in India and looks like the smartphone giant has finally decided to set its plans in motion. Soon enough, manufacturing of the iPhone will be commencing at Bengaluru and Chennai.

Apple’s iPhones have been imported to India, which is the reason behind the sky high prices of the phones. This has led to the loss of popularity of the legendary iPhones in India and the company losing its shares.

Read on to know all the details about Apple’s manufacturing and assembly plant.

Trial Run of the iPhone X Series

Some of Apple’s products are already being assembled in India, and now, Apple is now looking to expand its diameter to the iPhone X series. However, the conglomerate plans to have a trial run with these phones before they set up a full-fledged plant in Chennai. Some of the phones that will be manufactured on a trial basis are iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

The company which shoulders the assembly and production of Apple’s iPhones is the Foxconn Technology Group. Foxconn will be running the trial, after which an assembly plant will be launched just outside the southern city of Chennai.

Apparently, Apple has been discussing the situation and future developments with the government officials in India over the years to find a way out of the heavy excise duties and rigorious local sourcing norms.

Assembly of iPhone 7 in Bengaluru

Additionally, Apple has made another contribution to the Make in India movement by initiating the assembly of iPhone 7 at its plant in Bengaluru. This will definitely boost employment rate in India as Wistron India head Gururaj A announced his plans to hire over a 10,000 people.

This plant is run by Taiwanese supplier, Wistron, which already assembles iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, and the assembly of iPhone 7 has commenced since March 2019. Wistron is planning to utilise an area of 43 acres for an ‘iPhone making unit.’

Wistron had invested Rs. 3000- 5000 crore in the Narasupra industrial sector in Karnataka’s Kolar district, where it began the assembly of the low cost iPhones like iPhone 6s and iPhone SE.

In a press statement, Apple said, “We are proud to be producing iPhone 7 in Bengaluru for our local customers, furthering our long-term commitment in India.”

Will starting a production plant in Chennai and an assembly unit in Bengaluru help gain Apple its lost popularity? Let us know in the comments section below!

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