5 Reasons Why TAGG PowerBass 700 Will Be Music To Your Ears

We tested and examined TAGG PowerBass 700. And here are the results.

TAGG PowerBass 700 first impressions
TAGG PowerBass 700 first impressions

India based leading consumer electronics brand TAGG’s latest offering: Powerbass-700 is right now one of the top best sellers in their category.

A successor of PowerBass-400, this Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones is a piece of art and a good example of hassle-free headphone design.

We tested it, and we experienced what it really feels like to use this headphone.

Here are 5 reasons we found, which showcases why TAGG PowerBass 700 will be music to your ears. Literally!

Reason #1: Design & Foldability

Improvising on the previous design of Powerbass-400, the new headphone from TAGG has a optimal design, which suits the ergonomics of listening for an average human.

TAGG PowerBass 700 design
TAGG PowerBass 700 design

The whole headphone can be easily folded, which can be kept inside your laptop bag or even a small carry bag.

Reason #2: Build Quality

The headphones are not bulky, and uncomfortable for your ears. Often with wireless, Bluetooth headphones, we have seen how the weight of the unit becomes a big burden, and longtime usage of the same is not possible.

TAGG PowerBass 700 build quality
TAGG PowerBass 700 build quality

But with Powerbass-700, things are different. First of all, the headphone is made out of plastic but doesn’t look cheap. The weight is less, and your ears don’t scream with agony, even after hours of usage.

This solves 50% of the problems, for the music lover.

Reason #3: Functionality

In a great move, designers of Powerbass-700 have decided to include all the buttons in one location: The left earcup houses all the buttons and ports included in the headphone, and this solves another major problem.

You don’t need to ‘search’ for buttons like volume and power when you are listening to music in darkness or say you are jogging and don’t want to stop and break the ‘zone’.

Reason #4: Audio Quality

TAGG is known for delivering a solid punch when it comes to audio quality, and TAGG PowerBass 700 doesn’t disappoint. We found the zero distortion in music quality, even in high volume, and this is good sound engineering.

TAGG PowerBass 700 bass quality
TAGG PowerBass 700 bass quality

Another major improvement we found was the deep frequency of audio, also called the Bass, which this headphone delivers. It’s subtle, and very effective.

Reason #5: Connectivity, Battery Life

No surprises here! TAGG PowerBass 700 connects seamlessly with any Bluetooth platform, and the connection protocol of  Bluetooth 4.1 is instant. The headphone can connect with your laptop or mobile which is kept upto 14 feet away, thereby giving you mobility and freedom of movement.

TAGG PowerBass 700 review
TAGG PowerBass 700 review

No need to haggle and struggle over tangled cords, and no need to worry about them while listening to music.

However, for the traditionalists, there exists a 3.5mm Audio Jack which can be plugged to make it a wired headphone.

Battery life is decent, and its 500mAh in-built battery will easily give you 14 hours of non-stop music.

Overall, pretty neat, decent and affordable wireless headphones. The designers at TAGG have taken care of the aesthetics and functionality both, and we loved it.

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