Mysterious Case Of Crypto-Millionaire Who Died In India: Password To $190 Million Fortune Is Missing!

Canadian Court has ordered a stay on all lawsuits against the deceased.

Where is the password to $190 million fortune?
Where is the password to $190 million fortune?

What happens to the assets of a person, when he dies? Tangible assets such as property, bank account, gold etc cannot be taken to the grave, and the nominee of the person gets them all.

But what about crypto-assets, which are protected by password?

In one its kind case, a Canadian crypto-millionnaire has mysteriously died in India, and no one knows the password to his $190 million crypto assets.

Did he fake his own death to run away with the assets?

Nobody knows the answer.

The Mysterious Death of Gerald Cotten

30-year old Gerald Cotten was the CEO of QuadrigaCX, a Vancouver, Canada based crypto exchange.

As per affidavit filed by the family and according to the statement of death from J.A. Snow Funeral Home in Halifax, Green died in Jaipur, India due to some complications in Crohn’s disease.

The death happened on December 9th, when he was visiting Jaipur to open a new orphanage. The statement on death certificate is issued as on December 12th.

Password Of Crypto-Assets Worth $190 Million Missing

Now, interestingly, Green had prepared a will of his assets, which was 12 days prior to his death. In the will, he had transferred all assets and properties to wife Jennifer Robertson, and also made her the executor to his estate.

He was 30, with no children. The will contained detail listing of his properties, which includes read estate in Nova Scotia and in Kelowna, British Columbia, a 2017 Lexus, an airplane, a Jeanneau 51 yacht and his pet chihuahuas, Nitro and Gully.

Now, the problem is, his wife is not aware of the password to the crypto-accounts, where his $190 million worth of crypto-assets and/or hard cash are kept.

Court Protects QuadrigaCX Against Lawsuits

His cryptocurrency exchange: QuadrigaCX had 363,000 registered users, 92,000 of them have deposited some sort of money or crypto-currency with them.

After his sudden death, these account holders are demanding their money back.

Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Michael Wood has granted a 30-day stay on all lawsuits which can be filed against the company, in order to extract the money.

Nova Scotia Supreme Court granted this stay, because the executioner of the will is unable to open the accounts and take the money out.

Did Green Fake His Own Death?

Conspiracy theories have come up, regarding this mysterious case of death, and missing passwords. Users and crypto-observers on Twitter and Reddit have questioned the way Green died, and the way his password is missing.

On the issue of death certificate, they are saying that in India, it isn’t hard to buy a death certificate. Some theories claim that Green faked his own death, and ran away with the cryptocurrencies and money deposited with his crypto-firm.

Jesse Powell, who is the CEO of crypto exchange KrakenFX, described this death as “bizarre and, frankly, unbelievable.” KrakenFX is a competitor of QuadrigaCX.

Now, a Court will takeover the personal laptop of Green, and consult with security experts to trace the password.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more information.

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