7 Useful Marketing Services from Tata Tele Business Services for SMEs in India

Tata Teleservices offers some interesting and useful marketing services, which can benefit all SMEs


Marketing services from Tata Teleservices
Marketing services from Tata Teleservices

Marketing is tough, but marketing is important.

Ask any SME or Small and Medium Enterprise owner about marketing, and you will get the picture: They know that they need to market themselves, but clueless when it comes to selecting the best service provider, which can solve all their problems in one single go.

Due to this ignorance, and lack of information, 80% of the SMEs end up with fewer sales, fewer customers, and fewer profits. They know how to do their business, but they don’t know how to create awareness and nurture leads; they know how to solve their customers’ queries, but they don’t know how to leverage the power of SMS or how to understand the needs of the customers.

Tata Tele Business Services, a business vertical under Tata Group has understood the needs of the SMEs and offers a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, tailor-made for the small business in India.

Here are 7 useful marketing services from Tata Tele Business Services, which can actually transform the SME:

  • Bulk SMS Services: Say no to shady SMS service providers, who promise an avalanche of leads and customers, but end up doing nothing. Tata Tele Business Services provides a robust, dependable and trusted bulk SMS service, wherein the enterprise customer can get added features such as enhanced data security, customization to handle unique business requirements and round the clock support.

The best part? Prices are flexible and customized as per your needs, and requirements.

  • Toll-Free Services: Toll-free numbers starting from 1800 and 1860 are easy to remember, and a great fit for consumer-centric businesses. Tata Tele Business Services provides toll-free numbers, which is powered with an ‘exclusive self-care portal’ for the business manager, so that they can monitor and track the calls, seamlessly. Businesses can easily access blacklisted numbers as well and get daily/weekly/monthly analytical reports for measuring the results.


  • Call Register Services: You may get a toll-free number and spread it all across the city to get calls. But if you don’t have a system to nurture the leads coming in, and to track them, monitor them, then the efforts go waste. Here comes Tata Tele Business Services’ Call Register Services which will not only help you to identify the incoming calls via Tollfree numbers but also transfer them and integrate them to your database of leads and access them via CRM. Businesses which received a massive number of calls via numbers can make use of this service and enhance their lead generation process.


  • Live Chat Service: The Internet never sleeps, and you have no idea from where and when your next customers come in. In this age of 24*7 services, don’t miss out on the opportunities by being offline. Live Chat service by Tata Teleservice makes sure that each and every query your website gets is converted into your lead. Using this simple plug-and-play service, you can instantly start Live Chats with your customers, and capture the leads via email form, when there is no representative to attend. You can make your business truly global, with Live Chat services.


  • Hosted IVR Services: Interactive Voice Response or IVR Service has now become a necessity for most of the businesses, which directly communicates with the consumers. However, hosting IVR on your own servers is an expensive affair. With Tata Tele Business Services, you can select a new, unique service called Hosted IVR, wherein IVR data is stored on data centers owned by Tata. The businesses will have complete ownership and control over this data, and it can be monitored and tracked in real time as well. SMEs can save money on IT infrastructure costs and maintain a robust IVR service as well. A win-win for all.


  • Hosted OBD Solution: Outbound Dialers (OBD) are an important marketing tool for a business, which needs to spread information and awareness quickly. Tata Tele Business Services provides a robust, and innovative OBD service, which is technically advanced, and flexible to understand your specific needs. This pre-deployed fully managed service will ensure that without any manual intervention, your business message is heard by millions of users. This is a specialized service from Tata Tele Business Services, fully based on Cloud – This means that there shall be no physical installation of any circuits or wires at the customer’s location. Campaign Scheduler is another useful service under OBD Solutions from Tata Tele Business Services.


  • Digital Survey: Imagine a scenario wherein you know beforehand, what your customer needs from your business. It is now possible, with easy, seamless Digital Survey services from Tata Tele Business Services. Powered by TCS iON technology, this Digital Survey will empower your business to understand your customers’ pain points and help you to solve them in a timely manner. SMEs can integrate SMS, Email, Digital, and other mediums into this comprehensive suite of Digital Survey services and make their businesses even larger. This unique marketing service from Tata Tele Business Services supports multiple languages and multiple modes. Instant OTP based system ensure better security and safety, which means happy customers.

As we went through the brochures available at Tata Tele Business Services website regarding these hardcore marketing services, we realized one important factor: These services from Tata are backed by a rock-solid technological platform, and industry-best customer care support, which makes them a no-brainer.

Being one of the oldest business conglomerates in India, Tata understands what SMEs and entrepreneurs need for expanding their businesses, and these marketing services offered by them is a clear example of this fact.

You can get more information about these 7 marketing services right here.

Which marketing services are you using right now? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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