Wisdom Jobs Robbed Rs 70 Crore From Applicants With Fake Job Offers; Owner Arrested

Why would an engineer and former employee of TCS resort to fraud?

Wisdom Jobs is Fake. Owner arrested
Wisdom Jobs is Fake. Owner arrested

Ajay Kolla, the CEO of Wisdom Jobs has been arrested for robbing about job-seekers of around Rs. 70 crores globally through his platform, Wisdom Jobs. The true face of the CEO was unveiled when a complaint was lodged against Kolla by one of the victims.

The Story of Wisdom Jobs

Ajay Kolla, who was a proud face of a perfect rags to riches story, is, in fact, a wolf disguised in sheep’s clothing. He is an engineer and a former TCS employee as well. He has also appeared on many television shows and public events to deliver speeches as a young and successful influencer.

He created the platform of Wisdom Jobs in Madhapur, in 2009 which is an online job portal for job seekers. The online job platform has been placed in the country’s top SME 50 Index and issued a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM) in 2016.

But is it legit?

Fake Interviews and Telephone Calls

As per emerging reports, the jobs listed on Wisdom are absolutely fake! Apparently, they are all a cock and bull story or have been copied from other such job portals.

The interviews that take place are phoney and the calls are made via call centre agents that have been located in their office in Hyderabad.

It has been revealed that all the job availabilities that are spread over international shores, viz. Canada, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East are totally illegitimate.

Registration on this job portal is free, hence millions of people around the globe have been registered at Wisdom Jobs. About 20,000 people were registering themselves on the portal daily.

The victims were asked to pay Rs. 7600 as a ‘resume forwarding fees’. In some cases, victims have also paid as much as Rs. 20,000. Fees were extracted from candidates for interviews and after the interview, they were notified that they were rejected in the interview. One lakh job seekers fell prey to this bait and lost their money.

The Arrest and Downfall of Ajay Kolla

The Cyber Crime Branch of the Cyberabad City Police arrested the CEO on Friday along with 13 members of his staff. Gopinath Sureddy, Shubham Kumar Singh, Syed Mazhar, Samrat Pandugula, Nikhita Jain, Madhuri Veepuri, Karthik Kumar Yelibandi, Ravi Kiran, Shamikant Kankamneni, Rohit, Rajesh, Baswaraj Nayakodi and Srikant Gatoju are the names of the other wrong-doers who have been arrested.

The police have sealed two bank accounts belonging to Ajay Kolla, which contained a total of Rs. 23 lakh in them. Fake job letters have also been confiscated from the office.


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