India Rejects Clothes Sizes From US, Europe; ‘India Size’ Apparels Announced By Govt.

A carefully planned study will be done on the domestic textile market of India.

India Size clothes announced by Govt.
India Size clothes announced by Govt.

The Vibrant Gujarat Summit of 2019 saw some important happenings, one of which is Smriti Irani declaring that India will now have its own standard of clothing size. Yes, just like the United Kingdom, Europe, and The United States, we will be getting an India-specific apparel size too!

Union Minister Smriti Irani announced this at the Vibrant Gujarat summit, on Sunday. She said, “In the apparel export segment, one of the biggest challenges is that the UK has its size, the US has its size, and Europe has its size of measurement. But, India does not have it (size of apparels, such as 42, 44 and XL).”

A Statistical Study of the Domestic Market

She addressed the Textile Concave present at the summit where she clarified that a study will be carried out before the unveiling of the ‘Size India’ project.

This study will be done in order to carry out an estimate of the domestic demand of the textiles market.

She also said that India has the capacity to deliver to huge domestic and overseas demands. But the strength and magnitude of the domestic market of India have never been studied before.

The central government’s new resolve will be the first of a kind project in the history of India. The Centre will soon start a study based on statistics that will categorize the demand of the domestic market, “so that it becomes a base for the creation and strengthening of the industry.”

Central Government’s decision

Lack of a standard size of clothing is hampering the progress of Indian garment exporters.

The central Government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had sanctioned an amount of Rs.7,286 crore for the innovation and upgradation of technology in the textile industry, out of which Rs. 1855 crores was shared with Gujarat, with a wide profit of 2100 units.

The minister said, “Pre-2014, Gujarat was given nice textile parks; post-2014, we under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi have sanctioned 17 textile parks worth Rs 5,614 crore, of which six are already completed.”

Irani added that after this sanction, new investment of Rs. 30,000 crores have come in the textile industry of Gujarat.

Let’s hope that this ‘Size India’ garment size will break the stereotype of specific body shape, of women especially, and bring into use a realistic and more practical clothing size. This size will probably be introduced in the year 2021.

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