Iconic Moto Razr Is Making A Shocking Comeback As Foldable Phone; Price? Rs 1,00,000!

$1500 price tag for foldable Moto Razr is justified?

Moto Razr is making a comeback
Moto Razr is making a comeback

Years before iPhone became the trend, and changed everything about smartphones, there was an iconic phone from Motorola, called Moto Razr.

When it came to style, and glam-quotient, then Moto Razr was the in-thing in 2004 – The sleek body, with ultra-thin clamshell design, became a rage, and more than 130 million units were sold in the next 5 years. The flip style of Moto Razr made waves everywhere.

Generation Z would find it hard to believe, but Moto Razr was marketed as a fashion phone and accessory, and when the latest model was launched a few years later, Apple had to negotiate with Motorola to include their iTunes in the Razr.

Now, after 13 years, Lenovo, the parent company of brand Motorola has decided to re-launch Moto Razr, and this time, it would be a foldable phone, yet another major innovation from Lenovo.

More shocking is the price tag at which this phone is being planned to launch: $1500 or Rs 1,00,000!

The New Moto Razr: Sleek, Foldable Smartphone

Lenovo understands that Moto Razr disrupted the existing phone industry in 2004, due to its unique, stylish design.

Now, the new Moto Razr is expected to carry forward the legacy and make another disruption.

As per the Wall Street Journal, Lenovo is planning to launch the revamped and re-energized Moto Razr as soon as January end.

The price tag which is being speculated for Moto Razr is $1500 or Rs 1,00,000 approximately.

An unnamed source said, “The once-popular flip phone is being revived as a smartphone with a foldable screen and a starting price of roughly $1,500, according to people familiar with the matter,”

Lenovo has partnered with Verizon for this new offering of Moto Razr, and there has been no news of its India launch.

Is $1500 Price Tag Justified?

It seems that going by the efforts put in to create foldable smartphones, $1500 can be the average price. Samsung Galaxy X, or Galaxy Fold which is rumoured to be Samsung’s first foldable smartphone is also rumored to be priced around $1500.

We have already reported how it looks and feels.

FlexPai is another company which has already launched a foldable smartphone, and it costs somewhere near $1300.

It would be interesting to observe, how the market responds to the new Moto Razr, and whether it can dominate the foldable smartphone niche or not.

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