TRAI Clarifies New Cable TV Rules: Pay Rs 130, Watch 100 Pay Channels And FTA Channels

TRAI has released a new press release, clarifying some doubts and concerns.

TRAI's new cable TV rules explained
TRAI’s new cable TV rules explained

The new Cable TV rules will kick into force effective February 1st, and there is still much confusion and misinformation all around.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI has once again released a press note, clarifying two crucial questions, pertaining to the new Cable TV rules.

TRAI: Pay Rs 130 And Watch 100 Pay and FTA Channels

The first most important clarification regarding the new Cable TV Regulation is that, Rs 130 plus GST is the minimum fees, which every cable or DTH consumer needs to pay.

With 18% GST, this amount comes to Rs 154, which is called ‘Network Connect Fees’, and has to be paid to the respective cable or DTH operator.

Now, after paying Rs 154 as Network Connect Fees, the consumer will be eligible to access 100 channels.

These 100 channels can be FTA or Free to Air and/or Pay Channels.

In case the consumer wishes to watch more than 100 channels, then Rs 20 per 25 channels has to be paid. Once these 25 extra channels are allocated, then again, the user can choose FTA or Pay channels.

The consumer can view the MRP of these pay channels at channel 999 of their own cable network. Or, the MRP list can be downloaded here as well. Full list of FTA or Free to Air channels are available here.

TRAI has unleashed an SMS marketing campaign for the same, wherein a link has been shared which has more useful information.

Both Bundle and À la carte Options Available

In the press release, TRAI has said that most of the broadcasters and DTH operators are showcasing bundles packs and packages for the end-users: Packs for entertainment, movies, sports, etc are being shown, which has created an impression that only bundles packs are available.

Dismissing this concept, TRAI has stated that users can opt for both bundled package, and À la carte channels for their own needs.

TRAI said, “Now it has been noticed that several broadcasters are advertising their channels in the form of bouquets only. However customer may note that they have option to choose channels on a-la-carte also.”

TRAI has once again shared the platforms via which the information about channels and FTA can be accessed:

  1. Personal contact by Local Cable Operator
    b. Calling on Call Centre Number
    c. Using Mobile: App or through DPO Website

Hopefully, this will clear the doubts. In case you have any doubt or question regarding the new Cable TV rules, please don’t hesitate to share them right here!

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