2019 Is Here! Watch Out For These 7 Technology Trends Which Will Rule 2019

Digital wellbeing of humans seems a top priority now for tech companies.

tech trends of 2019
Tech trends of 2019 | Technology Trends Which Will Rule 2019

2018 has been a year primarily dominated by the AI based features. AI has been the central focus for companies. Everyone has jumped into a ladder to call out some of their own AI-powered features and functions.

While technology is taking over us, soon machines will do our jobs.

Technology has been changing the whole world. The way we behave or what we do or what we may do, technology is basically deciding our every stuff. Let’s take a look at some of the top technology trends which will rule 2019:

Voice Assistants

AI based voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa are slowly becoming an integral part of our lives. Forms smartphones to smart speakers to connected devices, everything is now just an order away. From booking a cab to traffic reports to ordering food to playing some latest music, 2019 will be ruled by the voice assistants.

Notches & Holes

2018 has been a year of notches. After Apple launched iPhone X in 2017 in September, it brought in a storm among smartphone makers to add a notch to their devices as well. After notches, now it’s time for holes and dual displays as well. Huawei unveiled the first smartphone, Nova 4 with a hole in the display housing the front camera while Vivo launched Vivo NEX 2 with two displays.

Super Fast Charging

While smartphones may have taken over our lives, now we need it all the time. From waking up to till you to go to sleep. And to make it run for that long, you need a super-fast charger. 2018 has been a year of super-fast charging technologies. From Huawei’s SuperCharge 50W to the new OnePlus Warp 30W charging to Oppo Super VOOC Flash charge, you will now juice up your phones for a day within 30 minutes or less.

Foldable Displays

After being teased in 2018, we expect to see foldable displays hitting the mainstream fever in 2019. Samsung will launch its foldable tablet in the first half of 2019 with the Infinity Flex display. Other manufacturers are expected to pick up the trend soon, which may see possible uses in TVs and computer screens.

5G Fever

While it’s still a few years left before 5G is rolled out commercially, the upgrade may soon start in 2019 only. Smartphone manufacturers have already started to put in 5G internals for smartphones with higher speeds and lower latency. 5G is going to be 100-times faster than the existing 4G in the country, where the download speeds will see a jump up to 10gbps via optic fiber cables.

Digital Wellbeing

Started by Google, a balance between technology and life now seems very essential. Companies themselves are prompting users to take digital breaks. We are adherently addicted to our smart devices and we need to start doing things that actually matter. Soon apps and devices will tell you to take a break (like YouTube) and focus on other things as well.

Online Shopping

From food to medicines to groceries to what not, India has slowly turned into an online nation. Big MNCs has been pouring in money like anything to make India adapt to the new world changes. To look at it, yes they have obviously turned a section of the crowd into loyal online customers. The trend is expected to grow immensely in 2019.

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