Adulting Can Wait – Tinder India’s Latest Ad Campaign Target India’s Men [Critical Overview]

Tinder combines creativity and memes in their newest advertising campaign

Tinder India's new ad campaign
Tinder India’s new ad campaign

Tinder is winning hearts with their advertisement campaigns by using popular memes and displaying them on billboards and hoardings! Combining comedy and content in a creative fusion, they have made sure that their campaign and the dating app thereby, does not go unnoticed.

You may have a super amazing product with an abundance of high-end features, but if you don’t advertise it correctly, it is like hiding your light under a bushel: invisible to the public eye. Tinder, through this creative advertising campaign, has generated a few laughs and reached the target audience successfully at the same time.

Adulting Can Wait: Tinder Advertising Campaign

The campaign is named ‘Adulting Can Wait’, which also includes a video song, in which a young woman is seen wandering through a maze while engaging in many different activities. The maze in the video might be a metaphor for life itself as the woman goes about exploring each individual aspect of it. However, in the print media, what can be generally deduced from all the hoardings is Tinder has targeted the ‘Y chromosome’ – all the memes make fun of guys who, apparently just can’t get things right.

Here are some eye-catching hoardings by Tinder across India:

Is This A Pigeon?

The ‘Is this a pigeon’ meme, first originated in season one, episode three of the anime series The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird, has been wildly popular across the world in 2018. The meme displays a character, who while pointing to a butterfly asks if it is a butterfly!

Tinder probably thinks this meme is a hot favorite and has used it twice in its campaign. One targets cooking skills of men while the other ironically portrays memes as advertisements.

Have a look:

Tinder India's ad in Delhi
Tinder India’s ad in Delhi (Source: Reddit India)


Tinder Ad in Pune
Tinder Ad in Pune

The Distracted Boyfriend

The next meme Tinder uses is the famous Spanish meme of a disloyal man walking with his girlfriend yet turning around to catch a glimpse of another attractive woman while the girlfriend giving him annoyed looks. In this advertisement, Tinder targets men who order food online in spite of food being available in the fridge.

Here’s the meme:

Tinder India ad in Bengaluru
Tinder India ad in Bengaluru (Source: Reddit India)

Drake Meme

The third meme Tinder uses is the old yet popular meme where Drake stands in an orange jacket approving something in the first frame and disapproving something in the other frame. In this meme, Tinder puts forth and highlights as well, the immaturity of people who opt for purchasing phones on EMIs rather than buying houses for a secure future.

Tinder India ad in Mumbai
Tinder India ad in Mumbai (Source: Reddit India)

Through these hoardings, what Tinder is probably trying to say is that it is necessary that we grow older as time passes but let’s not grow up so soon: hence, Adulting Can Wait!

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