Apple Slapped With Lawsuit Over Shady Marketing Tactics For iPhone X, XS, XS Max

This is not the first time that Apple has been sued, for false information.

Apple's shady marketing tactics
Apple’s shady marketing tactics

Most of the time, advertisements are more than anything, misleading.

They create a dreamlike situation out of which a majority is just false claims. Even Apple is not an exception to this.

Recently a case filed against Apple brought their false claims to the surface. While Apple claimed that the new iPhone X is ‘all screen’, in reality, it is not so. Apparently, the Apple iPhone X has a notch on top which stops it from being ‘all screen’.

Instead of using advertisements to showcase the positive features of their products, companies often take disadvantage of this to manipulate the facts for profit. Pushing the truth and misleading consumers is now an edited definition of advertising.

The Lawsuit Against Apple’s False Claims Regarding iPhone X

In the US District Court of Northern California, a lawsuit was filed against Apple for falsely advertising the screen sizes and pixel counts of the display of the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max smartphones.

The complaint says, ‘Defendant’s marketing of its Products falsely inflates their screens’ supposed pixel counts, resolutions, and sizes to make the Products seem more appealing to consumers.

Defendant does so because the screen resolution is an important factor for consumers when evaluating smartphones.’

Apple’s Shady Marketing Tactics?

According to the plaintiffs, the company claimed that the screen of iPhone X was supposed to be  5.8 inches but on measuring, the screen turns out to be only 5.6875 inches. Also, the smartphones have lower screen resolution than advertised. While Apple claims that the resolution of iPhone X is 2436 x 1125 pixels, the product doesn’t contain true pixels with red, green and blue subpixels in each pixel.

The plaintiffs also complained that the ‘planet’ wallpaper is misleading as it distracts the user’s attention from the notched display. Apparently, back portions of these wallpapers have been intentionally included so that these images cover the notch on the phones, which is why when the plaintiff ordered the phone, she was under the idea that she ordered a phone that did not have a notch.

Apple’s Glorious History Of Lawsuits

This is another addition to the list of lawsuits made against Apple. In March, 59 separate lawsuits were filed against the company regarding a software issue. There was a software tweak that throttles some older models of iPhone. The plaintiffs were seeking class-action status in the said cases.

In this world of digital marketing and advertising, where technology has progressed so much, it is quite difficult to trust whether an advertisement is authentic or otherwise.

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