Xiaomi, Oppo Factory Workers In Noida Turn Violent Over Job Loss – 1200 Workers Go On Rampage

The workers protested because they were fired without any notice.

Oppo Employees protesting last year in Noida factory (Source: HT Photo)
Oppo Employees protesting last year in Noida factory (Source: HT Photo)

Labor trouble has once again brewed up in Noida, and once again, it is related with Chinese companies, vs Indian factory workers.

This time, it was the issue of 200 employees being sacked, without notice.

It was ruckus and rampage everywhere, and police had to be called in.

Meanwhile, Oppo India head has resigned over rising losses.

Noida Trouble: 1200 Workers On Rampage

Hipad Technology India is a manufacturing unit, which churns out Make in India phones of Oppo and Xiaomi. Hipad had hired a contractor which supplied them with the labor force.

Their factory is situated in Sector 63, Noida.

Yesterday morning, after the workers logged-in around 8 AM, they suddenly turned violent, after they were informed that 200 employees have been sacked.

The violence and rampage engulfed entire factory, and more than 1200 workers came out of the factory, shouting slogans, and demanding that the company should provide notice, before sacking them.

Later, it was revealed what actually happened.

Employees Fired Without Notice?

It seems, that the trouble escalated to this level, because of miscommunication.

Due to the shortage of raw materials, Hipad had asked their vendor not to supply workers for some weeks. Now, the vendor failed to communicate the same to the workers, who came into the office as usual.

The managers at Hipad may have rudely asked the employees not to come, which triggered the unrest. As per reports by police and security guards, the 1200 employees who went on a rampage were angry that the management has ‘fired’ their colleagues without giving any notice.

On the other hand, the management at Hipad insists that the labor contracts clearly state that the temporary workers can be asked not to come, without any notice.

Police Deployment

As soon as the news spread, Noida police reacted fast and reached the troubled factory which comes under Phase 3 of the Noida city limits

Superintendent of Police, Noida City, Sudha Singh, who was present the venue of unrest said, “We got to know that several employees had resorted to violence after they were ‘sacked’ by their office without any notice,”

Assistant Labour Commissioner Harish Chandra revealed that the unrest and rampage happened only because of miscommunication.

As per some insider reports, 3-4 persons have been detained for questioning.

Oppo Is Again In Trouble?

Last year, in March, Oppo was in news for the wrong reasons, resulting from employee unrest.

As per some reports, few Chinese employees of Oppo had insulted India’s flag, which triggered massive unrest and protests by Indian employees.

The issue was sensitive, as Chinese Govt. had to intervene and speak with the Indian Govt.

Oppo acted maturely and deescalated the issue by terminating the Chinese employee who had allegedly insulted India’s flag. And the matter was resolved. Vivo too had to bear the wrath of contractual employees, who were fired last year. That issue too was explained as miscommunication.

It would be interesting to observe how Oppo and Xiaomi along with Hipad resolve this new issue of labor unrest in Noida.

We will keep you updated.

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