Jio’s Indoor Coverage Will Get A Big Boost With Samsung’s Small Cells; 99% Coverage Soon!

Samsung will power Jio's indoor coverage, and you can expect some good results, very soon.

Jio users will soon get 99% coverage
Jio users will soon get 99% coverage

Samsung Networks, the division of Samsung Telecommunications which handles network and coverage equipments has confirmed that very soon, Reliance Jio will be able to deliver 99% coverage, across India.

And reason is that from now on, Samsung will deploy small cells in a large volume to boost Jio’s indoor coverage.

What exactly are small cells? And why Samsung is helping Jio?

Keep reading to find out more!

Samsung: We Will Boost Jio’s Coverage To 99%

In an interview, Srini Sundararajan, Senior Vice President and Head of Networks Business has confirmed that their company has started deploying small cells in massive volume, across India.

This will boost Samsung’s 4G coverage indoors, where 80% of the current traffic generates.

He said “We will continue to expand on this piece of the network [indoor] because there are places where it’s more value to go that way..”

He explained that small cells are easy to deploy, smaller hence easily configured.

This is a good news for all Jio users, as they will be able to now access better coverage and better 4G speed.

Will Outdoor Coverage Ignored?

Srini assured that although focus now is on indoor sites, outdoor sites won’t be ignored. Infact, Samsung Networks is actively creating new plans, and new initiatives to improve Jio’s speed, even in hilly and remote locations.

As per him, Jio informs Samsung about their exact requirement, and based on that, they initiate network enhancement plans for them – both indoors and outdoors.

He said, “But that doesn’t mean that outdoor isn’t happening. Outdoor is happening at a good speed basis the site availability and so on..”

Why Samsung Is Helping Jio’s Coverage?

In March this year, Samsung bagged a huge contract from Reliance Jio to improve and expand their 4G LTE network coverage, pan-India.

Samsung promised to increase Jio’s coverage (both indoor and outdoor) to 99%, up from 75% by using state of the art, cutting edge communication technologies like massive multiple-input, multiple-output (massive MIMO), and network virtualisation.

Samsung is Jio’s sole contractor for deploying 4G network, across 14,000 sites in India. The value of this contract hasn’t been revealed.

What Are Small Cells?

For Jio, Samsung is deploying their own Small Cells’ ‘plug & play’ devices, which boosts indoor coverage. They weigh 0.5 kgs, and measure 1 litre, and can be easily deployed indoors – can be mounted on walls, or attached to the inside of desk or on ceiling. Once deployed, they can tremendously boost indoor network for the 4G provider (Jio in this case).

As per Samsung’s website, such small cells can support 16 users, delivering speed upto 224 Mbps, and cover approximately 1000 sq meteres.

Samsung has also partnered with DoT to test 5G services in India, using the same technology. Hence, we can assume that Samsung will also power Jio’s 5G coverage in near future.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more inputs.

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