Samvat 2075: 9 Stocks Which Can Help You To Book Profits This Financial Year

Diwali is an auspicious period to invest in the stock market.

Vikram Samvat: Top 9 Stocks
Vikram Samvat: Top 9 Stocks

Diwali has already been an auspicious period to analyze and buy stocks which can ensure profits by the time the fiscal year ends.

The cycle of Vikram Samvat, which is the Hindu calendar year is followed by lots of traders in the stock market, as it signifies the divine cycle of profitability and prosperity.

Samvat 2075, which started in March this year, is currently on, and stock market traders are keenly following the trends and predictions to book greater profits.

Based on expert opinions from the likes of stock market czars like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and other equity researchers, we are presenting the list of 21 stocks, which can help you book profits by the time Samvat 2075 ends in March, 2019.

L&T Infotech

As per researchers from Equity99, L&T Infotech, which is currently India’s 6th biggest IT company is expected to churn out revenues of 25%, and once $1 billion revenue threshold is crossed, there would be no stopping. Target for L&T Infotech is Rs 2,500, and expected returns are 49%.

South Indian Bank

Founded in 1929, South Indian Bank is one of the oldest banks in India, and is expected to open 150 new branches. Equity99 suggests target of Rs 25, and expecting 70% return on this stock.


National Aluminium Company Limited or NALCO is a Govt. enterprise, and one the biggest Aluminium manufacturers in Asia. Investors can lock in a target of Rs 67, and easily expect returns upto 48%. Price of Aluminium is increasing, and chances are good that its stock prices will further rise.

Birla Cable

Due to boom in telecom and IT infrastructure, demand for optic fibers will continue to rise. Analysts are asked to make a target of Rs 250 for Birla Cable, and can expect profits of 48%.


India’s largest private bank is on its course to expand their userbase, and book more profits compared to last year. With a target price of Rs 470, investors can expect a return of 34%.

Sonata Software

Equity99 says: “We like Sonata’s differentiated business, quality balance sheet, high RoE and lack of equity dilution for last 17 years.”

Target price of Rs 420 can give returns upto 35% for this stock.

Atlas Jewellery

Makers of affordable jewelry, Atlas Jewellery has made a solid mark in the Gems and Jewellery sector in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Now, they are expanding into India. For the last 3 years, the stocks of this company have made good returns. Last year, the stock prices rose by 132%.

National Peroxide Ltd

Established in 1954, this company has been making good, consistent profits ever since it was listed. Last year, stocks of this company increased by 113%.

VIP Industries Ltd.

World’s second largest luggage maker has now expanded into 8000 retail outlets, all over the nation. 70% was the return last year, while 81% was the return last to last year.

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Disclaimer: We don’t endorse or recommend any stocks. Investment is subjected to market risks and other factors. Please carry your own due research and investigation before investing in any stocks.

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