Indians Will Get 10% Salary Appraisal in 2019 – Highest In Asia Pacific!

India beats China and other countries in ensuring better salary appraisals in 2019.

Salary trends for 2019 in India
Salary trends for 2019 in India

This is the week of good news for salaried professionals in India.

After TCS announced a double salary for freshers, positive news is coming in for other salaried professionals.

As per reports, Indians will get upto 10% salary increment in 2019, which is highest in the Asia Pacific.

10% Salary Appraisal For Indians!

As per a salary report by Willis Towers Watson, which is a London-headquartered risk management and advisory firm, Indian employees will get highest salary increment in 2019.

Average salary increment will be 10%, which will be highest in entire Asia Pacific.

As per Sambhav Rakyan, data services practice leader of Asia-Pacific, Willis Towers Watson, “steady economic growth, progressive reforms, and cautious optimism across sectors.” has been attributed as factors for this stunning salary appraisals.

Which Industries Will Offer Highest Salary Appraisal?

Pharmaceuticals industry will report the highest salary appraisal of 10.3%, pan-India.

On the other hand, employees in consumer products and retail sector, high tech, and chemical industries can get upto 10% salary appraisal.

IT and KPO employees too are expected to have higher salary appraisals.

Note here, that senior management profiles will get upto 30% more salary appraisal, compared to other employees. But the actual increase of senior management would be 9.8%, which is less than the salary increase of middle management.

The 4 profiles which will attract maximum salary allocation in 2019 would be:

  • Technical Skill Trade (48% of the budget)
  • Engineering (45% of the budget)
  • IT (39% of the budget)
  • Marketing (15% of the budget)

How Are Other Countries Faring In Salary Appraisal?

Indian employees will be getting the maximum salary appraisal, compared to other major countries in Asia, including China and Singapore.

As per the report, Indonesia is at a second position, as employees there will get 8.3% as average salary appraisal, followed by China at 6.9%.

Employees in the Philippines can expect 6% salary appraisal, while Hong Kong and Singapore, both will average around 4% of appraisal.

India’s 10% salary increase for employees is at par with salary appraisal observed in the last three years.

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  1. Nitin Bansal says

    Nothing will happen. Punjab govt. has cut salary of teachers from 42k to 15K. this is the real face of govt.

  2. Anu Modi says

    Lets See My Father Is A Gov Employee So.. :D

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