Rs 25,000 Fine If Uber/Ola Driver Refuses Ride; 20,000 Cap/City On Uber/Ola Fleet Soon!

Delhi and Gujarat, both states are looking to create strict regulations for Ola and Uber.

New rules for Ola/Uber soon in Delhi, Gujarat
New rules for Ola/Uber soon in Delhi, Gujarat

Two very interesting developments have taken place when it comes to Uber and Ola cabs in India.

While Gujarat Govt. has proposed a cap of 20,000 cabs per city for Ola/Uber fleet in a city; Delhi Govt. has proposed a penalty of Rs 25,000 on the drivers who refuse a ride!

Can these be made possible?

Uber/Ola Driver Refuses Ride? Rs 25,000 Fine Soon!

AAP-led Delhi Govt. has acknowledged that drivers refusing rides at the last moment is a big challenge, and now, they have decided to take some concrete action against this practice.

As per reports coming in, Delhi Govt. is preparing a proposal wherein if any driver from Ola or Uber refuses a ride, then they will have to pay a fine of Rs 25,000.

Besides these, several other initiatives have been planned under “Licencing and Regulation of App-based Aggregators Rules, 2017”, which is right now being vetted by Law officials.

If this is passed, then Uber and Ola drivers will be asked to obtain a license to operate in Delhi, and in case of any molestation or harassment case, they will be liable to pay Rs 1 lakh fine as well.

Some of the provisions which can be implemented very soon:

  • GPS Device which will share the cab’s live location with the Transport Department
  • No tinted glass, or semi-transparent glasses
  • Only CNG, or LPG or electric vehicles as taxis
  • LCD Screens on the roof, to highlight whether the cab is full or empty
  • 7 years jail, if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving
  • The mandatory panic button on all vehicles

The Act is expected to pass by end of 2018.


Fleet Of Only 20,000 Cabs Per City?

Meanwhile in a separate, unrelated move, Gujarat Govt. is working on a proposal which will cap the total number of Ola/Uber cabs in any city to 20,000.

This draft of new rules for online aggregators of taxis if being prepared by Posts and Transport Department of Gujarat.

Once this is approved, Ola or Uber would be able to run only 20,000 cabs in a city of Gujarat, and not beyond that.

For up to 10,000 cabs, there will be no separate fees or license, but for cabs beyond that (till 20,000), there will be a fee of Rs 10,00,000 and security deposit of Rs 25,00,000.

As per reports, Uber and Ola have 8,000 to 10,000 cabs in the top 4 cities of Gujarat.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more updates.


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