YU ACE Packs A Punch: 5 Reasons To Buy This Budget Smartphone!

YU ACE challenges the domination of Chinese smartphones in India.

YU ACE packs a punch
YU ACE packs a punch

YU has launched a new smartphone called ACE, which intensifies the battle of budget smartphones in India.

YU ACE may actually threaten the dominance of Xiaomi in India in the sub-7k budget category, and it seems that the Chinese brands may face some tough competition from this Indian brand now.

Here are 5 Reasons Why YU ACE is a decent buy if you are looking for a budget smartphone:

Affordable Price

Let’s cut to the chase right in the start. Priced at Rs 5999, YU ACE is one of the best choices for a budget smartphone. Backed by an impeccable network of service outlets, YU ACE has all the features of a reliable smartphone.

Now, let’s discuss the specifics.

Sleek Design Yet Powerful Battery

For a budget range smartphone, YU ACE has a beautiful design, which looks premium when you actually hold it. And the biggest positive for this smartphone is the battery. At 4000mAh, YU ACE promises solid performance.

YU ACE has some amazing features
YU ACE has some amazing features

Despite having a more powerful battery compared to both Redmi 5A and Upcoming Redmi 6A, YU ACE doesn’t compromise on the design aspect. Earlier, it was either the sleek look for aesthetics or a bulky battery for more power.

YU ACE combines both!

FingerPrint Sensor (Surprise!)

Now, this is a surprise which you generally do not expect in budget smartphones. At this price point, YU ACE gives us a fingerprint sensor. YU ACE scores a big point here.

YU ACE has fingerprint sensor as well
YU ACE has fingerprint sensor as well

Infinity Display For A Grander Visual

Another plus of YU ACE is the Infinity Display. This means that the 18:9 visuals on YU ACE will be more immersive, more grander, without feeling bulky or extra-large screen size.

This is the perfect harmony of technology and innovation, all at a budget price.

Decent Camera

For a budget smartphone, YU ACE delivers a decent camera, which can be compared with Redmi 5A or 6A. While the main rear camera is 13 MP, with LED Flash and [email protected] video recording, the front or selfie camera is 5 MP with LED Flash and [email protected] video recording.

Not fancy, but yes, quite decent.

YU ACE vs Redmi 5A and Redmi 6A?

Now, the big question: Should you buy YU ACE instead of Redmi 5A or Upcoming 6A – While we leave that decision up to you, but, we have to add that YU ACE does pack a punch and is sure to give tough competition to incumbents as well as upcoming budget series smartphones.

Powered with Android Oreo, and having 4000 mAh battery with fingerprint sensors, YU ACE definitely has an upper hand over Redmi 5A right now.

Besides, while Redmi 5A has 5” display, YU ACE has 5.47’’ HD display with 1440 X 720 Pixels, which again proves that YU ACE has an upper hand.

The launch of YU ACE has altered the dynamics of the budget smartphone market in India, it would be interesting to observe how other players respond to it now.

Stay tuned and get notified about this new offering from YU right here.

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