Netflix Invades Broadband; Partners With Hathway For Direct Access Via Set-Top Box!

Netflix will be now available on a single click of a remote, just like any other TV channel.

Netflix invades broadband in India
Netflix invades broadband in India

American on-demand entertainment service Netflix, which is biggest, and most influential globally, has now decided to invade the massive broadband network in India.

In an aggressive move, they have now partnered with Hathway Broadband, to provide direct access to their content via setup boxes installed at customer’s’ end.

This way, Netflix has now made its accessibility easier, and more direct.

How will it work? And what does this mean to the on-demand entertainment industry?

Keep reading to know more!

Netfix + Broadband = Awesomeness!

Hathway, the veteran of cable TV, and one of the first in India to provide Internet via the cable network and Netflix have decided to join their forces. And this is a big news for both online users, and fans of on-demand entertainment in India.

Under this partnership, Hathway Broadband users would be able to watch Netflix shows directly on their televisions, via a set-top box.

As of now, Netflix has partnered with telcos such as Airtel and Vodafone to provide embedded access, and combined plans.

We had reported about Netflix’s intentions to provide access via DTH and cable route in the past, but now, with Hathway’s partnership, the battle to dominate broadband and cable networks has begun.

How Will It Work?

All new and existing Hathway users will now be able to access Netflix via a set-top box, and the billing would be added in their existing Hathway accounts.

Hence, accessibility to Netflix becomes supereasy.

The introductory price of the set-top box has been set at Rs 2999, and new and existing Hathway users can get this set-top box for free. However, they will need to subscribe to the Netflix service, for the free set-top box.

The new set-top box will have a customized remote, which will have a dedicated button like any other TV channel – press the button, and viola! Netflix will be streaming on the television.

Tony Zameczkowski, VP, Business Development, Netflix Asia, said, “We’re very excited to partner with Hathway Broadband in India to bring the latest technologies and great stories under one roof.”

How It Changes The On-Demand Entertainment Market?

With this partnership, wherein Netflix is being made accessible via a single remote button, more and more users can watch high-quality content, right on their television.

This bypasses Netflix’s own platform completely and introduces new users to Netflix who otherwise wouldn’t have watched them.

Now, this impacts both cable and DTH consumers, and on-demand audience of other platforms such as Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and others.

Besides, the pricing aspect also completely changes. Paying a minimum of Rs 500 separately for Netflix can pinch some consumers; but when the billing is integrated right into the broadband account, then it simplifies the action.

If we talk about the nascent on-demand entertainment niche, then this new found friendship between Netflix and Hathway redefines the industry forever.

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