This Indian IT Company Is Giving Tesla Cars As Performance Incentive For Employees!

Top end cars besides money is becoming the new trend for incentives.

Tesla cars as motivation tool?
Tesla cars as motivation tool?

We have shared several theories of motivation in the past; and have argued how money as a motivational factor is getting outdated.

And it seems that we were right, all along the way!

Now, Indian IT companies are devising newer, clever ways to motivate their employees, even as automation and robots threaten to steal away their jobs.

In this same endeavour, hugely popular Tesla cars have now become the most sought after incentive, and one Indian IT company is actually giving them as performance incentives.

Which is that company?

And what else are being offered as ‘motivational push’?

Keep reading to find out more!

Tesla Cars As Performance Incentive??

Existing contracts of clients with Indian IT firms are always in danger of getting scrapped, or postponed, as the business dynamics change rapidly.

In this scenario, Mphasis has devised a new incentive program for all employees, wherein the top performer gets a Tesla Car.

In an interview, Mphasis CEO Nitin Rakesh revealed that all Account Managers are motivated to push new deals and new contracts by Tesla Car as an incentive.

He said, “Whoever grows the account fastest will get to spend two days with someone from the executive team and then they are given a Tesla. It is based on whoever grows fastest.”

This can be the first such incentive program in India, wherein a Tesla Car is being given to the employees. The entry level Tesla car: S Model costs $69,500 or Rs 50 lakh.

This Is What Others Are Giving As Incentives

While monetary benefits are still #1 as incentives for IT employees, some BPO companies too are now offering cars for the top performers.

Swaminathan R, chief people officer at WNS recently announced Porsche car as incentives for the best performing Sales guys.

On the other hand, TCS is using automation as a tool for motivating employees. As per their CEO Rajesh Gopinathan, entire Sales Team have been authorized to ‘push’ for automation wherever it can be, and in turn, they are offered monetary incentives.

Infact, TCS Sales Team is being coached and trained as well, to use automation as a tool for getting incentives, and to transform their client’s businesses.

On the other hand, Infosys is focussed on improving delivery time and to make the experience of their clients even more delightful.

What is the incentive program devised at your company? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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