95% Of South India Has A TV, Beats North India In Viewership – Find Out Why!

South India has more TVs, and they watch more TV. What is the reason?

South India beats North India in TV viewership
South India beats North India in TV viewership

As per the latest Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) survey, South India is way ahead of North India – both in terms of TV ownership and TV viewership.

A very interesting theory has come up on the reasons behind this: Electrification!

Keep reading, as we will shortly come to that!


South India Beats North India – BARC Survey

BARC’s latest Broadcast India 2018 Survey has revealed some interesting details about TV viewership habits in North and South India.

While TV penetration has reached 66% pan-India, it is South India which has broken the records, and have emerged as the #1 market.

Against 66% TV penetration across India, South India has 95% TV penetration.

In the 5 Southern States: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, there are 259 million people who own a TV.

Compared to 2016, this number has increased by 8%.

North India Lags Behind In TV Ownership!

31% of the all TVs owned in India reside in South India, and this way, they have clearly beaten North India.

Compared to 259 million TV owners in South India (5 states), only 209 million people own TV in North India, 221 million own TV in West India and 146 million own TV in East India.

Hence, even West India has beaten North India in TV ownership!

TV Viewership In South Smashes All Records

As per the BARC survey, TV viewership in South India has smashed all records.

Out of 10 people, 8 in South India watch 4 hours and 10 minutes of TV daily, which is highest in the whole country.

Overall, South India generates 12 billion impressions weekly, and 31% of TV viewers in South India constitute 40% of overall TV viewers in India.

Why TV Ownership & TV Viewership In South India Is More?

As per BARC’s comments, TV viewership and ownership both are more in South India because of electrification. Over 99.9% of South India is right now electrified.

As per Partho Dasgupta, chief executive officer, BARC India, “This (record TV viewership) can also be attributed to the fact that electrification in the south is around 99.9% and one of the first durables which people buy after getting a electricity is a TV.”

While an average family size in India which watches TV is 4.25 individuals, it is 3.8 individuals in South India, thereby having more income and more space to watch TV.

The survey from BARC was conducted across 3,00,000 households, covering approximately 4300 towns and cities and 68% of the urban market.

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