Jio GigaFiber Preview Offer Is Not For All Users – Who Will Get Free 100GB @ 100 Mbps?

JIo Gigafiber registrations started on August 15th.

Will all Jio Gigafiber users get 100 GB data for free?
Will all Jio Gigafiber users get 100 GB data for free?

Reports are coming in regarding JioFiber Preview offer, and on the first looks, it seems an incredible deal.

Users will be getting 100 GB data per month, which can be accessed at 100 Mbps speed, for three months.

But, there is a catch. Read on to know more!

Free 100 GB For 3 Months At 100 Mbps Speed!

Starting August 15th, Reliance Jio had started registration process of their much-awaited JioFiber FTTH (fiber to the home) service for all users.

Those who had registered, will be offered JioFiber Preview Offer, under which they can get 100 GB of high speed data, which can be accessed at 100 Mbps speed for three months.

Once the preview offer ends, they can choose a monthly plan whose exact details haven’t yet arrived.

But we are speculating that the plans start from Rs 500, offering 3000 GB per month. Exact details are awaited.

Last year, we had reported that the preview offer under Jio Gigafiber will have 100 GB of data, which has now become almost confirmed.

Will All Users Get This Preview Offer?


As per the details received, Jio will charge Rs 4500 for setting up the Jio Gigafber connection, and installing the Jio ONT Device.

Hence, this preview offer of free 100 GB/month for three months will be valid only for those who pay Rs 4500 security deposit.

This ONT device is a must, because it will be the gateway to GigaHub Home, using which users can watch TV and more.

Note here, that the deposit of Rs 4500 will be refunded back once the customer terminates Jio Gigafiber connection.

Going by the looks of it, this seems hardly possible!

What If Data Is Exhausted?

In case 100 GB is consumed within a month, users of Jio Gigafiber Preview Offer can top-up their respective accounts with extra data.

As per unconfirmed reports, each such data top-up will have 40 GB of data, and hold your breath: It will free for the preview offer recipients!

However, it is not clear as to how many such data topups can be done in a month.

In May this year, we had speculated that preview offer users of Jio Gigafiber will be given 1.1 TB of data, which can be surfed at 100 Mbps speed.

Another report suggested that the data topups under Jio Gigafiber preview offer will be as low as Re 1.

Users who have registered for Jio Gigafiber will soon receive communication regarding the launch of Preview offer, and the invite to get free 100 GB of data for three months!

We will keep you updated, as we receive more inputs.


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