Youtube Will Become 2nd Biggest Website in US As Facebook Loses 50% Of Monthly Traffic!

Facebook's gradual decline in monthly traffic has been alarming.

Youtube will become 2nd biggest website in the US
Youtube will become 2nd biggest website in the US

Those into Digital Marketing and Social Media always knew the top three ranking of website by heart: Google at #1; Facebook at #2 and Youtube at #3. This has been the state of affairs since last couple of years.

But now, this ranking will face a major change because now, Facebook will be dethroned from their #2 position by Youtube.

As per the latest numbers coming in, Youtube will become 2nd biggest website in the US, and Facebook will slip to #3.

We will decode the reasons behind Facebook’s demise, and also share some more surprises from the new order of the Internet.

Youtube Will Become 2nd Biggest Website In The US!

As per Comscore’s latest predictions, Youtube will beat Facebook in the next two to three months, to become 2nd biggest website in the US.

Although Youtube’s popularity and traffic has been increasing at an amazing pace, it is Facebook’s massive loss of traffic which has triggered this new order.

As per Comscore, Facebook’s monthly page visits have decreased from 8.5 billion to 4.7 billion per month, and this has caused them to lose the #2 spot to Youtube.

Facebook’s Demise: The Reasons

Data privacy issues, and threats of data security can be attributed as the main reasons for a steady and gradual decrease in Facebook’s traffic.

After Cambridge Analytica scandal rocked their boat, they have suffered massive losses in trust, especially among the younger generation who are now opting for Instagram and Snapchat, more than Facebook.

After Europe’s GDPR came into force, Facebook witnessed their first ever decline in active monthly users last month, and the majority of their loss came in from Europe.

Due to these reasons, and more, Facebook witnessed their worst ever stock performance, as $120 billion was wiped out from their market share, in one single day.

Amazon Will Beat Yahoo?

Another very interesting observation from the Comscore report: Yahoo, which is at #4 position will very soon lose their rank to Amazon,which is currently at #5 position in the list of most popular websites in the US.

Yahoo too has been experiencing a steady decline in traffic, wherein Amazon is the rising star.

But it is Google which has maintained their #1 position without any hiccups, all through these years. In July, Google witnessed 15 billion page visits, which is more than the combined traffic of the rest of the top 4: Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo and Amazon.

As per Comscore, the new order of most popular websites (in the US) would be:

  1. Google (right now #1)
  2. Youtube (right now #3)
  3. Facebook (right now #2)
  4. Amazon (right now #5)
  5. Yahoo (right now #4)

We will keep you updated, as we receive more updates.


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