Shocking! Uber, Ola Ditch Tata Motors & Chose Maruti For Ordering 150,000 Cars!

This is one of the largest goofups in Tata Motors' history, and this resulted in massive loss to Tata Sons.

Why Tata Motors Lost The Big Order From Ola and Uber?
Why Tata Motors Lost The Big Order From Ola and Uber?

This has go down as of one of the biggest corporate goof-ups in the nation.

Due to misunderstanding and lack of trust, Tata Motors lost one of the largest orders ever made to them, and Maruti Suzuki became the unexpected benefactor.

Who fault was this?

Tata Motors Lost 1.5 Lakh Car Order From Ola, Uber

We all know the ugly ouster of Cyrus Mistry from Tata Sons in 2016.

Both the parties – Mistry and Ratan Tata are right now entangled in a bitter legal war, and unknown facts and truths are now tumbling out from the closet.

As per latest facts coming out from the National Company Law Tribunal’s (NCLT’s) Mumbai Bench observation dated July 9th, 2018, the tussle of power between Mistry and Tata Board of Member costed the company a lot.

In fact, Tata Motors lost one of the largest car orders ever made to them, which was equal to 15 months of their production.

In the year 2015, that is one year before Mistry was asked to resign, Ratan Tata had written to Cyrus Mistry regarding a huge car order which was cancelled by him.

Ola had requested Tata Motors to supply them 1.5 lakh cars, which were supposed to be either bought or leased, as per the terms and conditions of the order.

Tata Motors Finance were supposed to finance the cars, but Mistry blocked the deal.

As per some insider information, Mistry was miffed because Ratan Tata had made some personal investments into Ola. And due to this reason, Mistry cancelled the whole order.

In 2015, Ratan Tata wrote to Mistry: “How will Tata Motors justify turning away any proposal for a guaranteed offtake? And how would such a decision be viewed in the public domain?”

Ratan Tata knew that Maruti is too after this order, and even warned Mistry about this, but action was taken.

Eventually the order went to Maruti, and later, Uber too chose Maruti for their huge car order.

This was relevant at that time, because Tata Motors was ‘gasping for breath’, as their Nano dream was shattered, and they wanted some big orders to keep the cash flow going.

The case between Mistry and Tata Sons is still underway, and we may expect some more secrets coming out.

Shocking Behavior of Uber/Ola Drivers Reported

Meanwhile, some shocking behavior has been reported from Uber and Ola drivers in different part of the country.

In Bengaluru, an Uber driver broke the nose of his passenger, after he was asked to drive a little faster. Agitated, the driver asked the passenger to get down, and once he refused, he attacked him.

After Uber barred the driver, the driver actually complained to the police about verbal abuse. The case is still on.

Meanwhile, an Ola driver abused a passenger, a college student, after she objected that the trip was switched on, even before she boarded the cab. The driver also attempted to hurl slippers on the college student. Police complaint has been filed.

What should Ola and Uber do to stop such incidents? Can technology play a part here?

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