Reliance Jio Ecommerce App Has Arrived; Organised Retail Is About To Get Disrupted in India!

The app is being tested with kirana shop owners in Mumbai and Ahmedabad

Reliance Jio Ecommerce App has arrived
Reliance Jio Ecommerce App has arrived

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries is now all set to disrupt Indian ecommerce, with a unique offline-to-online business model.

As per exclusive reports coming in, the whole ecommerce business of Jio would be based on a single app for merchants and users, and a new concept of ‘tokenisation’ would be implemented, which can change everything about ecommerce.

We had already shared how Jio’s offline to online model is shaping up, and now, we have some solid evidence.

Can we expect Amazon vs Flipkart vs Alibaba vs Jio in the ecommerce space?

Jio’s Ecommerce Concept: ‘Tokenisation’ Of Shopping!

FactorDaily have reported that Reliance has kickstarted the pilot process of their ecommerce app in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, where 5000 kirana-owners have been approached, and encouraged to use their platform.

The whole idea has been based on the usage of one single app, through which these merchants and small shop owners can perform all the activities of their business – accept payments, manage inventory, handle logistics and order new products.

Meanwhile the customers would be able to use exclusive tokens, which they can get on their Jio Wallet.

Hence, this is turning out to be an innovative amalgamation of offline and online retail.

One of the persons close to the development said, “It is not important for a user to shop on the website. The user can go up to the store,”

Ecommerce In Jio’s World: Innovation & Technology!

Reliance and Mukesh Ambani wants the end-user and the seller to be inside the Jio ecosystem, and it really doesn’t matter from where they are buying.

The tokens available in the Jio Wallet will inspire the end-user to use them to shop their daily requirements, and this can be done via app, or they can visit the store for that.

The unnamed official said, “As long as the person is using any of the Jio platforms – commerce or ecommerce – doesn’t matter. The user should be inside the Jio world.”

Smooth Integration With Reliance Retail

Right now, Reliance Retail is one of the most strongest offline retail platform, with revenues of Rs 69,198 crore  and profits of Rs 2,064 crore. In 2015, they posted their first ever profit, which is a rare phenomenon in the competitive retail space.

Reliance Retail owns 17.7 million sq ft of retail space, with 7573 retail outlets, all over the country.

Now, Reliance Jio’s ecommerce and Reliance Retail will team-up, to offer a comprehensive suite of services to the merchants, traders and customers, using one single app:

  • The merchants can pay their taxes
  • Merchants can manage their inventory and stock
  • They can connect with other merchants to expand their wholesale business
  • Connect with logistics providers
  • Offer instant discounts and sales

In fact, Jio can team up with big FMCG brands like Dabut, P&G, Patanjali, and can offer time-sensitive offers to a selected audience, say in one particular location. Reliance Retail can become distribution and supply partners of small kirana-shop owners, and basically empower them to enter the digital space.

Another person close to the development said, “The app is a critical part to build the ecosystem around ecommerce. Ecommerce in India cannot be successful without the physical retail network,”

This can be the most interesting integration of offline with online retail, seen anywhere in the world.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more information and news.

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  1. NetGuy says

    I didn’t get the stuff about “tokens” – can someone explain?

    Me personally, I want 100% of my stuff online – never gonna go physical if I can help it (which I’m *also* not getting in the article – that’s the whole *point* of Ecomm….?)

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