BSNL Is Offering 45 GB For Free; JioLink Users Can Now Get 1 TB Data!

New laptop users can get free 45 GB data from BSNL!

JioLInk plans revealed
JioLInk plans revealed

State-carrier BSNL has launched an interesting scheme, wherein any existing BSNL can get 45 GB free, at 20 Mbps speed.

But there is a catch.

Meanwhile Jio has revealed their latest plans for JioLink customers, and on the first look, the plans looks pretty ok.

BSNL: Get FREE 45 GB In A Month

BSNL’s free offer of 45 GB at 20 Mbps is only for new laptop users.

Within 2 months of the purchase of their laptop, the user can show the invoice at their nearest BSNL office, and avail the BSNL BBG Combo ULD 45GB broadband plan for free.

This is Rs 99 plan, wherein broadband users can get 1.5 GB /day or  45GB in a month at 20 Mbps speed. Once the data is exhausted, the plan is reduced to 1 Mbps.

There is a some discrepancy as of now, as to how this offer can be availed.

As per a statement from BSNL: “The commercial officer of the area shall attach the same at the time of provision of new broadband connection under above promotional scheme and shall keep the copy of PC/Laptop’s bill in the file of the customer.”

This Rs 99 plan is a special promotional plan valid till 90 days from the date of launch: June 4th.

Users are advised to visit their nearest BSNL office, and confirm the exact process.

JioLink Plans Revealed!

Meanwhile Reliance Jio has shared the plan details for their JioLink services.

JioLink is Jio’s 4G WiFi router service, mainly targeted for indoor usage in homes, shops, offices and malls.

Under JioLink, Jio has revealed three plans:

Rs 699; Rs 2099 and Rs 4190.

Under Rs 699 plan, users can get 5GB 4G data per day. Once the data limit is exhausted, the speed shall be reduced to 64 Kbps.

However, right now, under Double Dhamaka, Jio has bundled 16 GB data extra for this plan. This means that users can now get total of 156 GB for 28 days, by paying Rs 699.

There are no SMS included in this plan.

Under Rs 2099 plan, users can get 5GB data per day for 98 days. In this plan, the user can get 48 GB extra for 28 days, which makes 538 GB of data for 90 days. Remaining terms and conditions are the same.

Under Rs 4199 plan, users can get 5 GB per data for 196 days. 96 GB is provided extra right now, which will make it 1076 GB of 4G data for the user, which can be used for 98 days.

Calling and SMS are not offered in any of the JioLInk plans.

We will keep you updated, as we get more news.

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