Group Admins On Facebook Can Now Charge Money For Exclusive Content; Instagram Launch IGTV

Will this new monetisation stream work?

Facebook's new monetisation stream
Facebook’s new monetisation stream

In a bid to provide group administrators and big groups  on Facebook more control, Facebook will now allow the administrators to charge an amount for exclusive content. Group admins can now charge the members of the group for providing any content which is exclusive on its platform.

On the other side, another Facebook-owned company Instagram has launched a new TV feature to compete against Google-backed YouTube. The Instagram TV is called IGTV and the company will now allow all the users to upload videos on IGTV of up to one hour in length in a up-held vertical format.

Which Groups Will Be Chargeable On Facebook?

Facebook has announced a new subscription based model for groups as a part of a pilot test where group administrators on Facebook can charge an amount for exclusive content. The pilot will include groups on parenting, cooking and home cleaning private groups.

The initial beta tests are on where subscriptions are being used a part of a small number of groups on Facebook. Members of the group can continue to support their group admins who lead these communities.

Exclusive Content On Facebook Groups – How This Works?

The group admins will put out easily actionable checklists to assist the members with tutorials, live videos and more to help with whatever the group is based on. The subscription groups are very similar to what Facebook made available to the support the video creators early in 2018.

The group administrators can charge up to $29.99 per month (around Rs 8,800). For the time being, Facebook will not charge anything, but later the company will take a part of the subscription fee.

Instagram TV – IGTV

The newly-launched IGTV will support videos of up to one hour in length in new longer mobile-form vertical videos. The Instagram TV is accessible from a button inside the app and the company has also launched a special app called IGTV.

The standalone IGTV app will have popular videos from several Instagram celebrities from around the world.

Who Can Upload Videos on IGTV?

The Instagram TV or IGTV is open to all, just like YouTube. The IGTV will let any user to upload a video and can be a creator. Instagram TV will support up-held sized vertical videos through the Instagram’s app or the web. The new IGTV app is now available globally on both iOS and Android versions.

The Instagram TV or IGTV will also be available through the Instagram app in the form of a TV shaped button above the Stories.

The IGTV will have recommended videos, popular or viral videos and also videos from the creators you follow. The Instragram TV also has an option to continue watching all the previously started of left videos.

Will Instagram TV Come With Ads?

No yet. The Instagram TV or IGTV will not come with any ads for now. With over 1 billion active monthly users, it’s very obvious that ads will get into the newly-unveiled IGTV sometime soon.

Can Creators Make Money on IGTV Like YouTube?

Yes. Video creators on IGTV can make money from Instagram TV. Once ads start to flow in creators will be able to monetize their videos soon. Though nothing is still official, the company has hinted at such a pay-form model at the launch.

As the social photo-sharing platform currently has over 1 billion active monthly users, IGTV could be a potential threat to the number one streaming app YouTube.

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