Call Drop Woes: 20% Telco Users Forced To Make Data Calls Due To Poor Network!

These findings have been shared by LocalCircles, a community of local citizens.


Call Drops Forcing Users To Make Data Calls

In a startling revelation, a survey has found that 20% of telecom users in India are forced to make data/WiFi calls via apps such as Whatsapp, Skype.

And the reason is dropped calls via telecom network.

These findings have been shared by LocalCircles, a community of local citizens, and if this is true, then TRAI will have to intervene.

There are more interesting facts and data revealed in this survey, which are very relevant for the telecom users in India.

Read on to know more!

20% Of Telecom Users Forced To Make Data Calls

As per the survey by LocalCircles, 20% of all respondents were forced to use Whatsapp and other apps to make data enabled calls as their respective telecom carrier fails to provide decent mobile coverage.

In fact, 35% of the respondents claimed that up to 50% of all calls dropped!

The report stated,

“Recently, many consumers have reported major issues, saying that many of their calls do not connect even on multiple tries.”

TRAI is indeed serious about the issue of call drops, and have announced heavy fines and penalties as well, but the issue persists.

Airtel Is The Worst In Call Drops!

As per the findings of the survey, Airtel consumers are the worst hit when it comes to dropped calls.

38% of Airtel users admitted that call drops have increased, and the situation has deteriorated in the last 3 months.

At the same time, 32% of the Airtel users said that the issue remains the same since a year.

Vodafone is the 2nd worst telecom operator when it comes to dropped calls, as 30% of the users said that their calls are dropping more frequently.

In Jio’s case, 27% of the users have complained about drop calls.

Idea Cellular is the best telecom operator as of now for call drops, as only 15% of the users said that their calls are dropping. Interestingly, 46% of the users said they are ‘unsure’.

Some other major highlights from the survey:

  • 79% of the users admitted that despite bad signals, the call drops only after 30 seconds of the conversation.
  • 56% of the respondents said that over 20% of their calls don’t connect, any time of the day.
  • Only 11% of the respondents admitted that they don’t have any issues pertaining to voice calls. This means that 89% of the surveyed users are facing issues.

You can find the entire report right here.

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