1 Million Bank Employees Declare Strike; You Salary Could Be Put On Hold!

The strike has been called on May 30th and May 31st, two crucial dates when salaries of all employees are processed.


Bank Employees On A 2-Day Strike

The 1st of every month is the designated date of receiving salaries, all over the world. But this 1st of June, things can become slightly dicey for employees in India.

If you have planned something on 1st, based on your salary credited to your bank account, then put on hold the plans.

Because starting today, a massive strike has been announced by bank employees!

Bank Employees Strike Hit India!

10 lakh or 1 million bank employees of public banks all across India have declared a massive strike against Govt. and Bank management.

The strike has been called on May 30th and May 31st, two crucial dates when salaries of all employees are processed.

The strike was announced late night after talks between United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) representatives and the Labour Department, Finance Ministry and Indian Banks Association officials failed.

D Franco, who is the All India Bank Officers Confederation General Secretary confirmed the strike, which will paralyse banking operations all across the nation.

21 public sector banks control 75% of overall business in India, and such a major strike will cause ripples all around.

The Reason For The Strike?

Ironically, the main reason for the strike is salary. And the strike has been planned in a way that it will impact the salary distribution of all employees.

This year, Bank officers and employees, in general, have received just 2% appraisal, and this has not gone down well with them.

The strike became imminent after the Chief Labour Commissioner (CLC) supported the cause, and asked Indian Banks Association (IBA) to respond.

And thus, the strike was announced.

2% Appraisal Is An Insult!

Franco said,

“The UFBU leaders conveyed their grievance that there is an inordinate delay, an offer of 2 percent was not in good taste and the practice of wage negotiation for officers up to Scale VII which has been the practice has to continue,”

As per Ravinder Gupta, Joint General Secretary, All India Bank Officers’ Confederation, a 25-day notice was given to IBA about the strike, but due to failed negotiations with the Govt., the strike had to be called.

Bank officers and employees are arguing that most of the public banks have reported decent profits, but still, the management refuses to give good increment.

On the other hand, All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA), general secretary C H Venkatachalam has said that 2% appraisal is an insult to all bank employees, and there was no other way besides strike to put across the message.

Besides salaries of corporate employees, ATM withdrawals and other major banking operations are also going to be hit.

We will keep you updated.

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