India’s 1st 14-Lane Highway Inaugurated; Air India Express Has World’s 2nd Cheapest Airfares!

A total of Rs 841 crore have been spent on phase 1, which will have Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) and CCTVs to monitor the traffic.



India’s 1st 14-Lane Highway Inaugurated

In major travel and transportation-related news, two major developments have happened in India. PM Modi has inaugurated India’s 1st 14-lane highway, which promises to cut down travel time by a considerable margin.

On the other hand, Air India Express has been hailed to have 2nd cheapest airfares in the whole world!

Last week, we had reported that India’s first cruise service has started between Mumbai and Goa.

This month seems to be the month of travel in India!

India’s 1st 14-Lane Highway Is Now Open!

Phase 1 of the Delhi-Meerut Expressway, which is India’s 1st 14-lane highway, has been inaugurated by PM Modi.

This new highway promises to bring down travel time between Delhi and Meerut to 45 minutes as drivers can now cruise at a speed of 120 km/h on this new highway. Currently, due to traffic congestion, it takes 3-4 hours for the same travel.

In the first phase, the section of the bridge from Nizamuddin Bridge to the Uttar Pradesh border was launched. Initially, it was announced that the whole stretch would take 30 months to complete, but due to hard, and some smart work, it was completed in record 18 months.

A total of Rs 841 crore have been spent on phase 1, which will have Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) and CCTVs to monitor the traffic.

This highway is a 6-lane highway, with 4+4 highways on both the sides.

Besides having replicas of Qutub Minar and Ashoka Stambh, this new 14-lane highway will have solar panels for lighting vertical gardens, which will be powered with drip water irrigation.

PM Modi also inaugurated the six-lane Eastern Peripheral Expressway, connecting Kundli and Palwal in Haryana. For this 135 km long highway, Rs 11,000 crore has been spent. As per analysts, this will bring down pollution in the National Capital.

Air India Express Has 2nd Cheapest Airfares!

Meanwhile, as per a report prepared by Melbourne-based Rome2rio, Air India Express has world’s 2nd cheapest airfares.

Air India Express is the low-cost carrier of AIr India and their wholly-owned subsidiary.

In this Global Flight Pricing Report, Indigo features at #5 position. Besides these, two other Indian airlines feature in this list: Jet Airways is the 12th cheapest airlines, followed by Air India at 13th position.

Air Asia has been declared as the cheapest airlines in the world, with fares of $0.07, per km.

Other airlines which feature in the top 10 list include:

  • Indonesia AirAsia
  • Primera Air
  • Etihad
  • Ryanair
  • Qantas
  • Wow Air
  • Virgin Australia.

Interestingly, none of the airlines from US and UK has featured in the list.

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