Jio Screenz Will Be India’s Biggest ‘Gamification’ Platform; BSNL FTTH To Offer 1500GB Data!

Reliance Jio has announced an exclusive partnership with entertainment-based interactivity platform Screenz to offer live quizzes and polls during a TV show.


Jio Screenz Will Be India’s Biggest ‘Gamification’ Platform

After recently launching India’s first AI-based interactive platform JioInteract, the company is now working to build India’s largest digital engagement platform. Reliance Jio has announced an exclusive partnership with the entertainment-based interactivity platform Screenz to offer live quizzes, polls and votes during a TV show.

The new platform will aim to make the existing Jio gamification platform better by converting passive TV viewing and advertising into an interactive viewer engagement platform. The new platform can be used on any digital app with support for Android, iOS and KaiOS.

Jio Screenz

Jio Screenz will allow the broadcasters and publishers to reach out to Jio users by creating engaging content. Jio Screenz aims to engage users on its platform by leveraging advertising opportunities for broadcasters.

Jio Screenz
Jio Screenz

Jio Cricket Play and Jio Kaun Banega Crorepati Play Along currently have around 65 million active users. The new platform will provide broadcasters and publishers with an opportunity to advertise and keep their audiences engaged through Jio Screenz.

Jio Screenz – Features & Support

The Jio Screenz features are going to adaptable in nature which will be available for a variety of content. It will allow live and real-time interactions between broadcasters and Jio users.

Real-Time Interaction

The Jio Screenz application will come with real-time interaction which will support two-way conversation between broadcasters and viewers.

Content Management System (CMS)

The platform will offer quizzes, polls and votes during a TV show with Content Management System (CMS) enabling the broadcasters to design and create any content they want.


The Jio Screenz platform will be supported on any digital platform using SDK with support for Android, iOS and JioPhone’s KaiOS.

Social Media

With support for all the major operating systems, the Jio Screenz will also support all social networks like Google, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Rich Data Reporting

The Jio Screenz platform will come with Rich Data Reporting to ensure continuous learning and feedback loop. The platform will create a unique profile for each user to target users with specified ads.

BSNL FTTH To Offer 1500 GB Internet At 100 Mbps

Reliance Jio is all set to enter the Indian broadband market with its FTTH service via JioFiber. Airtel also recently announced a massive investment plan to boost up its broadband market in the country and to give Jio a tough fight in the wired-internet segment.

On the other side, state-run BSNL also has huge plans to go big with their broadband market, which has one of the largest broadband user bases in the country. To fight out with Airtel and Jio, BSNL has launched FTTH plans which will provide speeds up to 100 Mbps in several circles across India.

The plan will be available at Rs 4,999 offering a FUP of 1500GB at 100 Mbps. Post completion of FUP, the speed will be decreased to 2 Mbps for unlimited usage. The public telecom company also provides a free static IP address. The plan will also offer free calls within BSNL network.


Other than the Rs 4,999 plan, BSNL FTTH (Fibre-to-the-Home) segment have five other plans ranging from Rs 999 to Rs 2,999.

Plan Speed FUP (Total Data)
Rs 999 60 Mbps 250GB
Rs 1299 80 Mbps 400GB
Rs 1699 80 Mbps 550GB
Rs 1999 80 Mbps 800GB
Rs 2999 80 Mbps 900GB


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