Jio’s New Zero-Touch Postpaid Plans With International Calling & Roaming Are Exciting!

Jio is planning to disrupt the postpaid market as it did with the prepaid market.


Zero-Touch Postpaid Plans

After overwhelming the market with killer prepaid plans, Jio has now set its sights on the postpaid market. Jio has introduced ‘Zero-Touch’ Postpaid services which brings a differentiated connected living experience for postpaid users. Jio is looking to challenge the industry status-quo by offering the lowest tariffs in India and abroad specifically for postpaid users who end up paying more for telecom services than their prepaid counterparts.

Along with their Zero-Touch Postpaid, Jio has also introduced very attractive International Calling and International Roaming tariffs for all its customers. These new Jio plans and tariffs will be available to all Jio postpaid customers starting from May 15, 2018.

Jio is planning to disrupt the postpaid market as it did with the prepaid market. Will it succeed?

Jio Zero-Touch Postpaid Plans

Jio is claiming to offer India’s first Zero-Touch postpaid service experience, which it claims will revolutionise and change the way postpaid services are offered.

So, what is this Zero-Touch postpaid experience?

For the first time ever, a plan will come with all the postpaid services such as Voice, Internet, SMS and International calling pre-activated. One more unique point about Jio Postpaid will be its plan. It will be an unlimited plan with no high overages and unpredictable bills.

It will also come with some other conveniences like;

  • Auto-Pay
  • E-Bill
  • Always-On Services

The monthly rental for Jio postpaid is Rs 199 which will include;

  • 25GB High-Speed Data
  • Unlimited Voice Calling
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Premium Subscription to Jio Apps
  • Pre-activated ISD without any security deposit
  • One-click International Roaming activation without any security deposit

Jio PostPaid Plan

International Calling On Jio Postpaid

International calling is a very costly affair. But Jio is trying to simplify this service by pre-activating it for every postpaid connection without any security deposit. Call rates start at 50 paise per minute for calls made to USA and Canada. The rest of the international calling tariff is as shown below.

Jio Postpaid International Calling

Jio Postpaid does not have rate-cutter or any service charges for international calls made.

International Roaming On Jio Postpaid

Along with international calling, International Roaming will also be simplified on Jio Postpaid. Jio will be enabling One-Touch International Roaming where the user can activate the roaming services themselves, that too without any security deposit.

International roaming on Jio Postpaid can be used in two ways;

  1. With a low, usage-based tariff.
  2. With unlimited service packs.

Jio has kept it simple with their international roaming tariffs. There are only two rates 2-2-2 and 10-10-10 which are based on the country you’re visiting. It is quite simple. The user will be charged Rs 2 per minute for voice calls, Rs 2 per MB of data and Rs 2 per SMS. It works similarly for the 10-10-10 tariff rate.

Jio Postpaid Roaming Tariff
Jio Postpaid Roaming Tariff

At the other end are Jio’s International Roaming packs. These packs have varying validity periods with more or less similar benefits. There are 3 Unlimited International Roaming packs.

  1. Rs 575. 1-day validity. Unlimited voice calls, unlimited SMS and 250MB high-speed data per day. Unlimited data at 64 kbps after FUP.
  2. Rs 2875. 7-days validity. Unlimited voice calls, unlimited SMS and 250MB high-speed data per day. Unlimited data at 64 kbps after FUP.
  3. Rs 5751. 30-days validity. Unlimited voice calls, unlimited SMS and 5GB high-speed. Unlimited data at 64 kbps after FUP.
Jio Postpaid International Roaming Unlimited Packs
Jio Postpaid International Roaming Unlimited Packs

Unlimited service packs are only available in United Arab Emirates, United States, Thailand, Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, New Zealand, Philippines, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Ireland 

Now Join Jio And Keep Your Existing Number

Now, Jio has made it very easy to join their network and keep your existing number. Once you have put in an MNP (Mobile Number Portability) request with your existing service provider, Jio will deliver the new SIM at your home and also provide an easy SIM activation service with a 5-minute seamless e-KYC process.

So now those who want to join Jio’s network can do so with minimum hassles.

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