National Telecom Policy 2018 Launched: $100 Bn Investment Will Trigger 40 Lakh New Jobs!

In order to accomplish the objectives, DoT is seeking an investment of $100 billion from the Govt. which will create 40 lakh new jobs in the sector.


National Telecom Policy 2018 Launched

Department of Telecom or DoT and Govt. of India has officially launched the first draft of “National Digital Communications Policy 2018”, which aims to give direction to India’s telecom market and prepare them for the digital-based communication, which is right now expanding at an amazing pace.

Citizens of India are asked to give their suggestions and views on this draft policy and suggest ways to improve it.

National Telecom Policy; 40 Lakh New Jobs, $100 Billion Investment

The National Digital Communications Policy 2018 has three main objectives:

  1. Connect India
  2. Propel India
  3. Secure India

The objectives have been proposed to be accomplished by 2022.

In order to accomplish the objectives, DoT is seeking an investment of $100 billion from the Govt. which will create 40 lakh new jobs in the sector.

If this policy framework is approved, and proper work begins, then as per the proposal, India’s GDP can increase to 8% from current 6%, and propel India to reach the top 50 ranking under ICT development index, globally.

50 Mbps Internet Speed For All Indians!

DoT has proposed that under their ‘Connect India’ vision, every Indian should be provided with 50 Mbps Internet speed. This makes Internet almost like a basic human right, and this is indeed an excellent decision.

Around 10 million WiFi hotspots have been proposed, and private firms have been invited to join the mission, as Govt. wants each and every part of India to be connected with Internet.

Both optical fibre-based and satellite-based communication model has been proposed, under National Broadband Mission.

Safety, Security Paramount

The draft proposal for National Telecom Policy and Digital Communication especially emphasises on the factor of security and safety of data.

This comes after the Cambridge Analytica scandal shocked everyone.

In fact, several sections of Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 has been proposed to be amended, which will enable implementation of stricter security rules.

Very soon, Internet of Things, AI and other advanced technologies shall be implemented to ensure that every individual has control over autonomy and choice, data ownership, privacy and security.

In order to raise $100 bn funding, DoT will review the existing license fee, universal service obligation fund (USOF) levy and other licenses for telecom and ISPs, and introduce a new paradigm shift.

Push for startups in this sector has also been mentioned, with a special focus on new ideas in the emerging technological space.

DoT will soon announce how citizens can share their opinions and feedback on this draft policy.

You can read National Digital Communications Policy 2018 right here.

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