Growth Hungry Japan Wants 2 Lakh Indian IT Experts; Offers Permanent Residentship!

Japanese Govt. not only wants to offer jobs to Indians but also wants them to stay and live in their country.


Japan Wants Indian IT Experts

Japan, the economic powerhouse of Asia has re-confirmed their intentions regarding Indian IT employees. And growth.

And both of them are positive for India.

Japan: We Will Hire 2 Lakh Indian IT Experts!

During the recent India-Japan Business Partnership Seminar, which was organised by Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Shigeki Maeda, Executive Vice President at Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) has declared that Japan needs 2 Lakh IT employees, and they need it fast.

In his keynote address, he also said that by 2030, the demand for Indians IT employees will increase to 8 lakh.

He said,

“Currently there are around 9,20,000 IT professionals in the country and there is an immediate demand for more than 2,00,000 IT professionals from India which is likely to further swell to 8,00,000 professionals by 2030.”

These comments hold significance, as Jetro is a Govt. body, and the message is coming straight from the Japanese Govt.

In February this year, we had reported that Japanese companies are rolling out the red carpet for the skilled Indian IT employees, and this has just been confirmed now.

Green Card For Permanent Residentship

Japan has always maintained a strict, and somewhat restricted policy for allowing foreigners to live and work in Japan, for years.

Now, it seems that the doors are opening up.

Japanese Govt. not only wants to offer jobs to Indians but also wants them to stay and live in their country.

Even a permanent residentship is being talked about, via an easy green card.

As per new immigration policies unleashed starting January 1st, 2018, Japanese Govt. is confirming green card status for immigrants within a year from the application.

Visa rules also have been especially for Indians.

Some of the changes announced are:

  • No employment certificate needed
  • Letter of explanation for multiple entry visas not required
  • Number of documents to be provided reduced to three
  • If an Indian has visited Japan twice in a year, then for visa, they just need two documents: Passport and visa application

These announcements from Japan will certainly boost the spirits of Indian IT workers, who have been facing backlash from US, and strict competition from AI and Robots.

US Visa policy, which was anyways tough, has become even stricter now.

Is Japan the new destination for skilled Indian IT experts?

Do let us know your opinions, by commenting right here!

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  1. Arvind says

    This is quite surprising, I always thought Japan will try its hardest to keep their society homogeneous. I guess they figured IT professionals will bring fewer social problems than low-skilled immigrants.

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