Rs 10 Lakh Cr Allocated For High-Speed Rail Corridor; 50% Discount On Luxury Trains Soon!

Railways will also launch trains faster than Shatabdi and Rajdhani in India, very soon.


Funds Allocated For High-Speed Rail Corridor

Some interesting news related to Indian Railways has come out, promising more benefits, and features for the common man, and for the businesses.

Here is the brief roundup:

Rs 10 Lakh Cr For High-Speed Rail Corridor

A top railway official has revealed that very soon, Indian Railways will announce a massive allocation of funds for building high-speed rail corridors, connecting all major cities of India.

Rs 10 lakh crore is expected to be the budget by Indian Railways, for constructing 10,000 km of high-speed rail, where trains can travel up to 200 km/h.

Last year, Rs 18,000 crore was spent on upgrading Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah corridors, and to increase the speed of train running on these corridors to 160 km/h, compared to 70-90 km/h which is the current speed.

We have already reported that Railways will soon launch trains faster than Shatabdi and Rajdhani in India.

50% Cut In Luxury Train Fares

Meanwhile, in order to make the luxurious experience of travelling in exotic trains like Palace on Wheels, Golden Chariot and Maharaja Express more affordable, IRCTC has decided to cut the fares by 50%.

Right now, the fare for single occupancy on Palace on Wheels is $6055 or Rs 3.9 lakh, for the complete journey in the entry-level range.

Similar high prices are existing for other luxurious trains as well.

The trains on which this massive discount has been announced are Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheels, the Golden Chariot, Deccan Odyssey and Royal Orient.

Reportedly, revenues for Palace of Wheels and Royal Rajasthan have fallen by 24% and 64% respectively, and demand for rate cuts have been raised.

Besides, the general public would be soon able to attach a special, luxurious saloon on the trains. This privilege has only been granted to President, Prime Minister and other dignitaries as of now.

Soon, common citizens can book two-bedroom carriage with a lounge, kitchen and toilet setup aboard a train, and travel with luxury.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information.

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