Warren Buffet Beats Bill Gates In Hurun Rich List; India Ranked #3!

There are a lot of positive news for India!


The Hurun Rich List 2018

The much-awaited Hurun Rich List for 2018 is out, and there are some interesting insights.

For India, there are a lot of positive news.

To start with, India is now world’s 3rd biggest country in terms of billionaires, as 31 new billionaires were added, taking the total of 131.

Meanwhile, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been beaten by investment czar Warren Buffett, to become world’s 2nd richest individual.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the richest individual in the world at this time.

Highlights Of The Hurun Rich List

  • The total number of billionaires increased at a massive pace: A total of 437 new billionaires were added last year, which is more than 1 per day.
  • Beijing declared as the billionaires capital of the world – They now have 131 billionaires, which is more than New York, and same as entire India!
  • China added 4 new billionaires a week, fastest in the entire world
  • As of January 31, 2018, there are 2,694 billionaires in 68 countries, which is an increase of 19.4%, compared to last year.
  • There are a total of 819 billionaires in China, as they added 210 new billionaires last year, thereby becoming #1 on the list. The USA is at #2 position with 571 billionaires, but they added only 19 new billionaires last year.
  • Mumbai has 55 billionaires, which makes them 8th city with the maximum billionaires.
  • The technology was the #1 sector for wealth creation, with real estate beating manufacturing for the #2 spot.
  • With $123 billion, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is world’s richest individual; Warren Buffett is at #2 with a wealth of $102 billion, followed by Bill Gates, with a wealth of $90 billion.

Here Are The Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Countries With Most Billionaires

  1. China (819 billionaires)
  2. USA (571 billionaires)
  3. India (131 billionaires)
  4. US (118 billionaires)
  5. Germany (114 billionaires)
  6. Switzerland (83 billionaires)
  7. Russia (71 billionaires)
  8. France (51 billionaires)
  9. Brazil (49 billionaires)
  10. Canada (49 billionaires)

Top 10 Cities With Most Billionaires

  1. Beijing (131)
  2. New York (92)
  3. Hong Kong (80)
  4. Shenzhen (77)
  5. Shanghai (70)
  6. London (70)
  7. Moscow (62)
  8. Mumbai (55)
  9. Bangkok (43)
  10. Guangzhou (78)

You can find the complete report by Hurun right here.

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  1. Mohamed Aamir says

    Having more billionaires is not a positive sign. It’s a negative sign indicating illogical and unethical wealth distribution.

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