UP, Bihar, Delhi, Mumbai Mecca Of Call Drops; Rs 74,000 Cr Committed To Fight Call Drops!

A high level meeting was called, wherein representatives of all telecom operators were asked their gameplan to curb this menace.

Rs 74,000 Cr Committed To Stop Call Drops
Rs 74,000 Cr Committed To Stop Call Drops

Telecom Dept. under telecom secretary Aruna Sundararajan has unleashed a major war against call drops across India.

A high level meeting was called, wherein representatives of all telecom operators were asked their gameplan to curb this menace.

As per initial reports, a massive investment of Rs 74,000 crore has been committed by various telecom operators, as they have joined forces to improve the ground realities.

TRAI: Call Drop Situation Is Worsening!

New Delhi is India’s capital and Mumbai is the economic capital of India. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are among the most populous states of India.

And believe it or not, but these four regions are the mecca of call drops in India, as per Aruna.

She also said that Southern states have 30% of all complains related to call drops.

She said, “Overall, if we look at the country, many parts of the south, particularly Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana… the complaints are about 30-33% (of the total number of complaints). Whereas the worst affected areas seem to be Delhi, Mumbai, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.”

While interacting with the press, she made it clear that all telecom operators have been ordered to “take measures for these places where the call drops are the worst and put those on fast track.”

Rs 74,000 Crore Investment For Call Drops!

Dring the press meet, Aruna also revealed that all major telecom operators have decided to join forces, and unleash a major war against call drops.

While Airtel has pledged to invest Rs 24,000 crore to improve existing infrastructure and to reduce call drops, Reliance Jio has committed Rs 50,000 crore to install 1 lakh cell towers, and demolish call drops once for all.

From now on, regular meetings would be held between TRAI and telecom operators to discuss call drops, and the share the latest developments.

Aruna said, “The government permissions have started coming in…the situation is expected to improve. We have asked operators that by March, all commitments that they have made (for setting up towers should be adhered to),”

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