Not Fair – Patanjali Ad Describes Dark Complexion As Skin Ailment; Tells It Was Translation Error

Patanjali's faux pas related with advertisements is not stopping

Patanjali says dark complexion is skin ailment
Patanjali says dark complexion is skin ailment

In a major embarrassment for India’s fastest growing FMCG company Patanjali, an advertisement for their ‘beauty cream’ describes dark complexion as a skin ailment.

Later, Baba Ramdev describes this as a transaction issue.

Still, no apology has been rendered.

Patanjali’s Ad: Dark Complexion Is Skin Ailment!

Twitter user named @beastoftraal shared a Patanjali advertisement published in the Deccan Chronicle on December 17th, wherein dark complexion has been described as a skin ailment, just like dry skin or wrinkles.

In the tweet, @beastoftraal said, “No Baba Ramdev… ‘dark complexion’ is NOT a skin ailment. Did Tarun Vijay write your ad?”

Here is the English translation of the copy of the ad:

“Possesses the benefits of wheat germ oil, turmeric, aloe-vera, and basil etc. which are extremely beneficial for skin ailments like dry skin, dark complexion and wrinkles. Patanjali beauty cream is not just another cream but is a skin nourishment tonic and treatment. It gives you the confidence of 100% natural beauty. Try it yourself and suggest to your family and friends.”

At the bottom of the advertisement, Patanjali declares that ‘beauty creams’ by MNCs are full of chemicals, which are harmful, whereas their own cream is natural.

Social media erupted in loud protests, and anger as a major ‘Indian brand’ was using the topic of dark complexion to sell their brauty products.

Later, Baba Ramdev came to twitter, and explained that the error was due to translation mistake. He never apologized for the mistake.

He tweeted:

Patanjali’s Faux Pas Is Not Stopping

Patanjali has been hailed as India’s most disruptive FMCG company, and it growing at an incredible pace.

However, the faux pas and mistakes demonstrated by Patanjali in selling their products is also increasing at an alarming pace.

After Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) slammed Patanjali for misleading advertisements, Baba Ramdev declared entire ASCI as an unconstitutional body, disregarding their statements regarding Patanjali’s misleading ads.

Later, in December 2016, Patanjali was slapped with a fine of Rs 11 lakh by Haridwar court, for misleading advertisements for honey.

Last year, Dabur was successful in stopping Patanjali from airing misleading Chyawanprash ad, as the Delhi High Court observed that the advertisement was anti-Dabur.

If we see the issue of fairness advertisements, then we will find that it was not Patanjali which was targeted for the their controversial copy.

In 2014, ASCI cracked whip on fairness products, and issued guidelines for advertisements. In 2015, FDA banned steroid based fairness products in Mumbai.

Now, it would be interesting to see whether ASCI will take any action against Patanjali or not.

What do you think about Patanjali’s advertisement for fairness products? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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